Collecto, Inc. aka CCA, aka EOSCCA - EOSCCA, Collecto, Inc. CCA is a FRAUDULENT COLLECTION AGENCY

Posted on Saturday, May 22nd, 2010 at 9:14am CDT by f048b015

Product: Collection Agency

Company: Collecto, Inc. aka CCA, aka EOSCCA

Location: 700 Longwater Drive PO Box 5369
Norwell, MA, 02061, US


Category: Other

This company is another on a growing list of lowlife scumbag fraudulent collection agencies that buy up uncollectible debts for pennies on the dollar and then use every method possible, usually Internet searches to call, annoy and harass anyone and everyone. They call old numbers, they call people with the same last name, they call people who live at locations formerly resided at by people who MAY have owed a debt. Usually they get the wrong people, but continue to call and robo-call them annoying and harassing them.


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Anonymous, 2010-07-16, 12:37PM CDT

I keep getting calls from this number and no one will talk. When I call back they ask for personal information and will not give me any information as I will not divulge my information. After this happened over 20 times, I told the person who answered to stop calling me and they stated that they could not. When I stated that I had already filed one complaint and mention the FDCA they immediately stated that they could not talk to me and hung up.

0f2b4d21, 2011-01-11, 02:10PM CST

I have recently made a call to EOS CCA in regards to them being on my credit. speaking with the guy he said that I have a collections with SPRINT from 2002 or its 2011 now and they are just reporting this on my credit? the guy was very rude to me and after using scare tactics he hung up on me and I was and have been unable to call them back! what can I do about this????

688bfa8d, 2011-01-15, 08:26AM CST

As a former employee of eos cca let me tell u that we are not a fraudulent company and we do not harass people it maybe that some people don't know how to do there job and take out wrong numbers I know that I did and others didn't also its not harassment if you owe a debt we are a legitimate company the only thing I will say about them that's not right is how they treat there employees at times and that I believe it was unfair and not right to let me go when I am one of the hardest workers there

917713c3, 2011-01-17, 12:24PM CST

Call credit attorney for this company's collection practices. They have been doing the same thing to me and I have no business dealing with this company.

Until this government of ours pass and enact laws that really protect the consumer these kinds of company will continue to spring up and use these kinds of collections tactics to ruin the person's credit. This is because the credit bureaus are in with such practices.

a6e91417, 2011-01-25, 11:55AM CST

They began calling me for a debt that was paid off (late yes, but paid bc I was waiting for the company to apply a prorated credit).

so I began calling them.

here's one number for you folks that will rig through. they don't like it very much. I suggest using *67 to block your number. sing a song, ask about the weather, ask them what they're wearing, anything that comes to mind. no threats, no rude language, just be as annoying as possible and if they ask you to stop, tell them you're going to need that request in writing, in triplicate, to your corporate office, certified mail.

866-265-7927 interesting fact: inbound 800 numbers charge the company by the minute. take up all the time oyu can. call and ask them who they are, what their call to you was about...then put them on hold. then hang up and call again, get as silly as you want. they'll stop calling.

674a61e5, 2011-02-10, 08:21AM CST

My former sister-in-law lives in Wisconsin. I live in Florida. I haven't seen or talked to this person in almost 20 years. Somehow, this collection agency found me and left me a robo message to call them regarding her. WHAT STUPID TACTICS! I told this person that if they really wanted to find her, instead of calling people that MIGHT know her, they should do a simple telephone search and find her. I just did. She's listed. This person STILL wanted me to give her information. I blew these people off. How pathetic they are.

5a36095b, 2011-03-02, 09:26AM CST

You must report this company to the Better Business Bureau! They need to know about any complaints you have so that we can get this business taken care of!

93961add, 2011-03-23, 10:04AM CDT

They sent me a collections letter for $25.35 for Sirius Radio. I paid for an extra 1 year subscription and ended it. Lousey radio choices. Anyway, I have been calling their toll free and direct number from their invoice and I can't get anyone on the phone. They have an automated attendant pick up and say welcom then they put you on hold and the phone starts making a bizy sound. I think this is a scam.

b2aebc4d, 2011-07-26, 06:59PM CDT

so are they legit or not ????

fd91b505, 2011-07-27, 02:12PM CDT

call mario kasalo esq at 3124507849-----he can help!

4714be5e, 2011-10-05, 11:16AM CDT

Us a record on your phone every time they call and are you must do is let them know it is being record for training

51d7cdb0, 2011-11-17, 10:54AM CST

These people called yesterday and left no message. I called back this morning and asked 'who is this.' The man responded with some answer that they handled personal matters for their clients or some such nonsense. He then went on to ask if I was a certain individual. I asked why would he want to know and he stated it was a personal matter. I told him I was not the individual he stated and then he demanded to know why I would ask then. OMG! They are bill collectors! So I hung up. They better not start calling my phone. I have an app on my phone so I can block these numbers.

90736d7a, 2012-01-30, 05:24PM CST

My name is :

Zdenek Seda, 5250 Columbia Rd. # 305

North olmsted, Ohio 44070

Agency Account : # 48548017

Client reference :


I very strongly disagree with your letter. I don't own to Key Bank this amout of $ 49.47

I already talked with a representative of Key Bank many times - the first time in the last summer a they agree with me ! ! !

Unfortunatly they have in the headquarter some retard and I am on the edge of nervous brakedown. I don't know who is constantly making the same mistake and creating my stress.

PLEASE give me name of this person who is responsible for repeating this mess. I would like to met him / her.

Meanwhile, please talk to the president Mrs. Linda Richter 440-331 2612.

I talked with her today again at 5.05 p.m. - 1/30/2011.

She has promised me to take care of it. K-Bank will pay this amout!


Who is creating my stress ?

Sincerely Zdenek Seda

[email protected]

Phone 440-384-7235

9ebab0f0, 2012-03-27, 07:46PM CDT

just call them back at the number they called you from as I just did. 1-877-411- 0291

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