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Posted on Friday, May 21st, 2010 at 2:30pm CDT by 8695b15d

Product: Credit Card

Company: SST

Location: 7101 STONE MILL DR. BLDG. 100 Columbus Georgia
Columbus, GA, 31909-0001, US


Category: Other


I began having trouble with my accessing my account in March 23 2010, nothing but a blank webpage when using

I call SST and they rudely inform me that I am having issues, not them.

After two more days of issues I contact my ISP, who informs me that it is indeed an SST issue, they confirmed that SST failed to renew their domain and network solutions had frozen access.

I called SST and they informed me they knew of the situation and they were fixing it.

Finally on April 14th I was able to access my account.

Since this occurrence I have been unable to access my account on multiple occasions, when I call to inform them of the issues rude representatives continue to tell me its my issue.

Two weeks ago my ISP AT&T came to my house per SST / customer service, and after several tests they were able to confirm SST servers are down or not responding and that my connection is fine.

Today I am unable to access again, my call to customer service was unpleasant again, they informed me it was my issue, until I told them everything I have been through, then she informed me that they have been busy lately so I would just need to try back, there is nothing they can do.

I informed her that if I was going online to play games that would be unacceptable, however I am trying to access my bank account and this is completely unacceptable, and the fact this has been going on for over two months makes it even worse.

She told me I had a valid concern and she transferred me to a supervisor who informed me this was my issue and there was nothing he could do.

SST / is nasty mean and inconsiderate.

Why would a company attack its customers for trying to inform them of a system issue?


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