Meineke Care Center - Meineke in Clearwater FL Unethical Practices

Posted on Thursday, May 20th, 2010 at 9:19am CDT by d64b78c0

Product: Muffler

Company: Meineke Care Center

Location: 2436 Gulf to Bay Blvd
Clearwater, FL, 33765, US


Category: Other

My elderly father who speaks limited English went there to repair the muffler on his car. The muffler had a lifetime warranty that the shop refused to honor. The owner told him the car had been in an accident (not true) and he could not honor the warranty. He then changed the story and said the car needed a full tune-up and this is what caused the muffler to get damaged. Bottom line, he tried to rip of my father. I have filed a complaint with Meineke Corp Office, Better Business Bureau, and FL Dept of Agriculture and Consumer Affairs. My father took the car to Midas who repaired it, and told him the car DID NOT NEED a tune up or other repair. Midas in Clearwater FL is UNETHICAL. The owner is very rude and disrespectful in replying to the complaint. I would NOT visit this Meineke...never had a bad experience with a Meineke Store until now. Clearly it is this SHOP not the franchise itself. Don't know how he is still in business!

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6a81c41c, 2010-05-21, 08:37PM CDT

My name is Pete Wardle owner/operator of the Meineke in Clearwater,Fl.

In response to this customers complaint,that is not true! When her parents came to my location to have there car looked at i noticed that the muffler was backfired,and under the Meineke warranty backfired mufflers are not covered,due to the fact that something in the engine caused it!This is stated on the receipt in black and white. I tried to explain that to her parents and because they do not understand english very well i had a hard time trying to have them to understand why this happen!I did tell them that if they had the car looked at and fixed i would put a free muffler on the car which i thought was fair!I tried to to tell them to take the car to there mechanic so the problem could be resolved! and thats the truth! I was not rude or disrespectful!I take care extra care of the seniors that come into my shop by giving them 15% discounts because i know they are living on tight budget


Peter Wardle

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