RainAir Marketing - Fraud

Posted on Thursday, May 20th, 2010 at 10:01am CDT by 1767fe86

Product: Cuisine Select

Company: RainAir Marketing

Location: 792 Bluff Road Durban Bluff 4052
Johannesburg, 2000, ZA

URL: http://rainair.co.za/

Category: Other

I purchased a Cuisine Select just over a year ago from Hennie. On Friday, he arrived at my home and told my husband that he had told me when he sold the unit to me, that he needs to pick the lid up to service the unit and he would need to replace the element as this is done on a yearly basis. On Saturday morning he arrived with the repaired lid and I wasnt at home and suggested he come back later in the afternoon. He and his wife, Annatjie, told my son in law, who was at home at the time, that I had left R250.00 in the house for them and that was the amount needed to service the unit.I immediately suspected something was amiss and told my son in law to tell them to come when I would be at home. They eventually left the unit with a RainAir order form with a number (079 481 9868) for me to call when I got home. I didnt call Hennie because I wanted to clarify with RainAir offices if this was in fact the case. I thought we as clients needed to call in when we felt the unit was working properly, Ive never heard of reps coming around of their own accord to service goods they have sold. When I tried the unit, the light came on for a couple of seconds and the whole thing switched off and isnt working. Before Hennie tampered with it, it was working perfectly. Nobody from RainAir Marketing is prepared to assist me.


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