Mike Calvert Toyota - Bad Customer Service

Posted on Thursday, May 20th, 2010 at 4:11pm CDT by d7adaf52

Product: Car Sale

Company: Mike Calvert Toyota

Location: 2333 South Loop West
Houston, TX, 77054, US

Category: Other

On May 1, 2010 I took a pre-approved voucher to the dealership which said that I pre-qualified for $32,792 on a car. The salesman DeSean Williams said he would find what I wanted and that he would call, He called on May 4th or 5th to say he found a car for me. When I went in on May 6, he had 2 used Camry's waiting. I told him that I would prefer a Corolla, he had me drive an 09 Corolla with 46842 mile on it. I said it was okay, the finance guy tryed to get me to buy an Hyundai Sonata that I was pre-approved for. I said, no. We signed all the paper for the Corolla, but I didn't take posession of the car as I had no insurance. My son told me not to buy the car as it had too many miles. I called DeSean on Friday the 7th and told him I didn't want the car. He said that I would have to talk to his manager Mr. Palmer, who told me that he would look into it and call me back by noon Sat. He didn't call. My son tried to call him but never got through. Finally on Tuesday May 11, my son went to the dealership and picked out another car for me with only 13000+ miles and it was a 2010. I said okay and DeSean called me on Friday May 14 to ask when I was comming to pick up the car. I said I would be there on Sat the 15th. My son and I went on Sat and I test drove the car. He told me that the finance department was backed up, but take the car home and we would complete the paperwork on Mon. At 3:00 on Mon Desean called and asked if I would prefer a new car. I said yes and he said he could get me a Yaris. I looked the car up on the internet and called him to say I would rather have the car I was driving. He said okay, when I got to the dealership after work, he said that I should look at the Yaris, I did and I didn't like it. He said that the bank wanted to charge a fee to finance the car I was in, anywhere from $400 to $4000, but I was still pre-approved for a Hyundai Sonata. I told him to give me back my $1500 deposit and I would go elsewhere. He took my debit card and said my money would be returned. It is now past 3 business days and my money has not been refunded.


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