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Posted on Thursday, May 20th, 2010 at 4:31pm CDT by 8939d19d

Company: Apple Store

Location: 645 E. Shaw
Fresno, CA, 93710, US


Category: Other

I unfortunately had to step foot in the Apple Store at Fashion Fair in Fresno to make an exchange. It was yet another in a long string of horrible customer service experiences at that Store. I only went in because I was told to do so by an Apple Care representative to make an exchange for a defective product.

About five weeks ago I had to take back a product accessory. I walked in, found a clerk, and he cheerfully processed the return right then and there.

In the past week, I have had technical issues with another product I purchased from Apple via their website. I spoke to an Apple Care representative by phone this past weekend who told me if the problems weren't resolved to go to my local Apple Store and they would exchange it. Sure enough the problems persisted so I stopped by this afternoon.

I waited at the back counter near the "Genius Bar" and asked a clerk who'd just come out if I could get some help. I explained to her the reason for my visit. I was told "Well, you have to make an appointment for that." In what other business setting does one have to make an appointment to exchange a faulty product? The Apple Care representative did NOT say, "Make an appointment to exchange your product." Why didn't I have to make an appointment to exchange the accessory five weeks ago?

My experience only got worse. When the first clerk went to the back to see about the exchange, I audibly voiced my frustration with ongoing problems at the Store. At this point, a male "Genius" sarcastically said in front of two customers he was serving, "So, every time you come in you know you have to make an appointment and you still don't make them?"

This man had NO idea what my previous bad experiences had been. This is the first time an "appointment" issue has come up. I expressed my frustration with him and found the manager who displayed terrible interpersonal skills.

The customer is often not respected at the Apple Store Fashion Fair but rather treated as a second-class citizen. I have heard others complain about the same thing. Whenever I've had a problem with a product or an experience there, I have never been told, "I am sorry you had that problem/experience. Let's fix it." Never! Even the corporate office said there was nothing they could do when I registered a complaint.

It is shameful that Apple, Inc. is now a giant corporation that can treat their customers with such indignity.

It is equally shameful that the Apple Store hires staff whose responses to female customers borders on sexism.


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