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Posted on Sunday, May 2nd, 2010 at 9:38am CDT by 93435c08

Product: Fake Sponsorship[

Company: Drahma Magazine

Location: 17w 24street (2nd Floor) NY NY 10010
NEW YORK, NY, 10010, US

Category: Business, Finances

Ray Daniels ( publisher and promotor) owes me 3,500 dollars of profit money for failing to sponsor my XS energy drinks for exposure.He scammed me out of 500 I paid him on March 19th and I want music industry,Radio people to not do buisness withy this idiot.He is known to be a shady buisnessman and I'm suing the magazine at Small Claims Court in NYC.He also used a radio disc jockey's name to try and run a game.

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93435c08, 2012-03-07, 07:45AM CST

Anyone who was scammed by this shady promotor should contact the IRS,FCC and Georgia Law Enforcement.I exposed him to hiphop websites,collection agencies to shut him down.Don't do buisness with AlWebRadio and Miss Irene Entertainment.Ray Daniels is running from the law.He used to own Drhama Magazine and owes people money.I told Club Owners at DeJavu in Atlanta not to do buisness with this clown.Numbers to contact Ray Daniels(404-942-9105) and 1-888-799-2230)

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