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Posted on Sunday, May 2nd, 2010 at 4:38pm CDT by ca500a89

Product: HP Envy 13 Laptop

Company: HP

Location: US

URL: http://www.hp.com/

Category: Other

I recently purchased an HP Envy 13 in January 2010. It is a great machine and I got all of the upgrades possible. I spent $3500. Part of the purchase price was a 3 year, 2009 Norton Anti-virus subscription. I received the computer; however, there was nothing inside of the box that illustrated the components of my computer; nothing to tell me the type of processor, if it had the solid state flash drive I ordered, if Norton was included, etc. I admit, though, the box it came in was impressive, but lacking in much information.

In late March of 2010, a window popped up on the screen saying my Norton Anti-virus was soon to expire. How could this be possible? So, I called. After being transferred 3 or 4 times between Filipino women who could read English well, but not converse in it, I was finally assigned a case manager. Turns out, I was supposed to have received a Norton product key and potentially some software. So, Oscar, my case manager, decided to send me the Norton software. This was on April 6, 2010. On April 21, 2010, I called Oscar and explained that I had not yet received the package. He said he would investigate and call me back. I never received a call from Oscar, so I called his office repeatedly, never to get him. Finally, two weeks later, I was able to get Oscar on the phone by pretending to be someone else (an elderly woman).

Oscar tells me he is still searching for the tracking number. I explain that obtaining a tracking number is not a two-week process, and even if it was, he should have called me to update me. He then explains that obtaining this tracking number is a highly complex assignment. So, of course, I called his bluff by asking him to tell me, in detail, about this highly complex procedure. He then tells me that he doesnt have to tell me the details of how he does his work. Thats when my Marine past reared its ugly head and I gave Oscar a real butt-chewing.

Either way, it is early May 2010 and I still dont have Anti-virus protection on my computer. This normally wouldnt be an issue, but my work email requires this type of protection in order to access it. I guess Ill just be at the mercy of Oscar or whomever else, until they feel like actually doing something.

By the way, Oscar, or HPs direct case management line, is 877-917-4380 Ext. 19; case number 7501420474. Ask for Oscar, and apparently, he only answers for elderly women.

Thanks for listening.

- Eddie


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