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Posted on Wednesday, May 19th, 2010 at 6:51pm CDT by 40e210b9

Product: virus removal

Company: Geek Squad

Location: Seattle, WA, US


Category: Other

My cat Morris has long since loved to lay on top of my computer tower while I am online. Its warm and cozy and probably has a great view of the room as far as a cats point of view goes. So it was no surprise when I started noticing a funny noise coming from the inside of my computer when I started it up. The noise finally got so bad that Morris refused to venture on top any longer. It was quite a frightening sound. And then out of the blue the computer would no longer load Windows. Sadly I took my injured lil computer into the Geek Squad ER and prayed that they could perform some life saving procedure that miraculously reunites us like in Soap Operas. They took the computer and within a few days my diagnosis was complete.. Death by Hard Drive Failure.O say it aint so! It was so young etc.

Then the technician mentioned that they could install a new hard drive, do data recovery and reinstall the Windows operating system. He then quoted me a price that almost sent me to the REAL ER. It was almost $700! I could buy a whole new computer for that amount. Feeling like I should probably do some shopping around I took my computer home. At work the next day I looked up a few other businesses that could help me but would be me within my budget. I selected Secure Remote Support because they offered me the very best deal on parts and labor. I had my computer back within a week and had all of my pictures, music and files back too. I was afraid I might have lost some very important honeymoon photos. It was less than half of what Geeks Squad was wanting and I felt like I was dealing with an experienced technician not a high school kid in his first job.


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