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Company: LA GEAR

Location: SAN DIEGO, CA, US

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I bought these shoes more for comfort than toning. These shoes were presented to me by an sales associate as being the best walking shoes. Which I do from time to time walk alot. Since wearing these shoes the first couple of weeks (3) or more my heel was in constant pain furthermore the pain now moved to the ball of both my feet causing me much pain. Since having these shoes I have endured much foot pain than I have ever experience in my entire life. I am glad I did not spend the more than one hundred dollars for the Sketchers shape up/ walking workout shoes. I have since stoped wearing these shoes and may need to get my feet checked.


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45156b99, 2010-11-14, 12:22AM CST

i have the same problem.i got my shoes for x-mas last year. they were great for about 4 months. then i started having pain in my legs ,back,and the heel of my left foot feels like the bone is coming through the bottom of my foot. when i take them off i can hardly walk. i can't wear any other shoe or slippers. i don't have health ins. so when i'm in pain and just can't stand it anymore i have to go to the er.

e86ea1b2, 2011-08-30, 09:08AM CDT

I am going throught this right now. I bought the shoe for walking in the evening by the third day I could hardly stand on my feet. It has now been 2 weeks since I've worn them and I am still suffering. The pain was so bad today I didn't go to work. I've been to the doctor and they told me the problem is the sneakers and it could be weeks before my feet are ok. She told me that I have little tears in my tendons from these shoes. It is so painful when I first get up in the morning I can hardly stand on them and by the end of the day my feet and ankles are swollen.

Karie, 2013-01-17, 11:20AM CST

I purchased LA Gear Walk-N-Tone shoes in early 2011, because I was walking alot at my job & because I have back problems. I liked the fact that they did not have the "rocker"-type sole & they seemed to alleviate my back pain almost immediately after I put them on. I had no problems the entire summer; they were so great,I even purchased a second pair mid-summer so I could alternate their wearings. As winter approached,I changed over to a flat soled leather boot,& within a few weeks I began experiencing pain in my right heel. I had never had any heel pain prior to purchasing these shoes, & at first, did not even attribute the pain with the shoe.

After doing some heel pain research, I tried stretching exercises, which offered some minor relief for a few months. But by April 2012, I could barely walk & went to a podiatrist. He diagnosed plantar fasciitis, gave me a cortisone shot,fit me with custom (& very expensive)orthotics, & suggested more of the stretching exercises. When the pain failed to ease up, an ultrasound was done on my heel, & found the nerve now runs along the side edge of my heel (I guess instead of along the bottom of the foot?)& may be as a result of the abnormal motion of the walk-n-tone shoe pattern.

It is now 2013, & I am headed back to the doctor for yet another cortisone shot & possible surgery. If you value being able to walk without pain, DO NOT BUY THESE OR OTHER TYPES OF TONING SHOES!!! There are other effective ways to tone your legs that won't cause you a lifetime of pain.

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