Capitol One - Capitol One Creates Loopholes for Scam Artists

Posted on Tuesday, May 18th, 2010 at 1:21pm CDT by 5f9725e1

Product: Capitol One Credit Card

Company: Capitol One

Location: PO Box 30277
Salt Lake City, Ut, 84130, US


Category: Other

I fell victim to a fraud/scam using my capitol one card in the amount of over $15,000.00. Part of the scam was to have me sign paperwork authorizing the 15K payment. The companies that did this, where shut down by the attorney general of AZ in April of this year, property and cash where confiscated, and perpetrators jailed. (Ref:Bankcard Empire/Leslie Mersky) This was a verified scam operation.

Capitol One would not help recover the monies as they have a different definition of Fraud than what the Card Association uses: "Any situation to where a cardmember has made a purchase due to information which was intentionally misleading or deceptive". Cap One says that since I agreed to the withdrawal by these scam artists, there was no fraud committed. I never recieved any services or money from MRS, and the advertisiing compaign I paid for that these companies suppossedly ran was never done, and the company was shutdown before the campaign could be finished if done anyway. The form I signed, agreeing to the withdrawel of the money, was obviously part of the scam operation, and not legitimate, but Cap One is still holding me responsible for the amount, instead of going after these crooks.

CapOne has created a huge "loophole" in the system for scam artists to operate as in what has happened in this case. If Cap One follows the Card Association rules and regs, then they are in violation of what the Association defines fraud as. This is definitely a fraud claim that Cap One is trying to shirk even though they have the resources and proof I can supply to do so.


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