Corbella Kitchen & Bath - Corbella Kitchen & Bath has horrible service, crappy installation and crappy product

Posted on Monday, May 17th, 2010 at 12:07pm CDT by 4a0e475e

Product: Cabinets

Company: Corbella Kitchen & Bath

Location: Jacksonville, Fl, 32223, US

Category: Other

DO NOT order cabinets from Corbella!! They did a horrible job and the cabinets were poor quality.

So we ordered two vanities from them for our bathroom, when they came to install the vanities they installed the wrong knee drawer. I ordered a single knee drawer, they installed 2 small drawers side by side, so we had to wait for them to order the correct knee drawer then they bring us the wrong cabinet height and told us that's what we ordered when we specifically spoke to the owner about the correct chair height to get, so we had to wait 4 weeks to get the correct cabinet then when they finally bring the correct cabinet, the drawers are not aligned right so they don't shut right so they had to spend a whole day fixing it (which caused us to have to call in sick to work so we can stay here with them) then, the knee drawer that they put in was 1 drawer but the face of it was 2 drawers side by side so it looked like 2 drawers, AND he put it together in our driveway and it looked HORRIBLE!! The seams didn't match, it was extremely poorly done. If I wanted crappy cabinets that were made in my driveway I would have made them myself! So, to fix that problem he takes the face of another drawer from the wrong cabinet and attaches it to the knee drawer so it's not even the right width and the drawer still won't close right and the face of the drawer was crooked. That took a good few hours to correct.

We paid them extra to install our counter tops (which weren't ordered from them.) The install guy Rob, decides to make holes in our walls to make the granite fit!! So now I have obvious holes in my newly remodeled bathroom. The first time he installed the granite he barely attached the backsplashes and sidesplashes and they fell off, so we had them re-do them, he used white caulking that's supposed to turn clear, well, one vanity turned clear, the other vanity, STILL WHITE!! It's been a week and a half, it's still white. So we call and talk to the owner, Jay, to let him know and we request that the same install guy, Rob, NOT come to our home and he tells us that he can send someone else but it'll be next week!! What?!?! Now I'm pissed!! We've had soooooo many problems with these people, in my opinion if he has no one that can come fix our problems, then he needs to bring his ass here and fix the problem himself! Is this the way you run a business?? Bottom line, if want quality cabinets and a company that cares about their customers, STAY AWAY!!!!!!!


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a9f0797b, 2010-11-04, 01:16PM CDT

As a representative from Corbella I would like to give our side of this one sided post. First the Knee drawer. The cabinets that were ordered were at the sizes requested. Once delivered, the customer decided they didn't like those sizes. At NO expense to the customer we cut down their cabinets and rebuilt them to fit. It also required us to rebuild the knee drawers. Again, at no additional charge for the customer just changing their mind. The signed contract from the customer states very clearly what height they would get but apparently they signed the contract without reading it. We admit fully trying to get the knee drawers to fit correctly after being altered was difficult but we did not stop trying to make it work. As far as the counter tops are concerned, We didn't order them! If we had, they would have fit correctly. If you order counter tops at say 50 inches and only have 48 inches of space between the walls, hmmmmm All you can do is cut away drywall at each end to slide in the tops. I have yet to see a magic counter top shrinker or board stretcher on the market. The caulking was defective from the factory, we did not make the caulking but we stood by it. We did get back out and it did take another week to correct it. First we had to find out what happened with the existing caulk and correct the problem, then we had to fit the time into our schedule. I know some times people feel they are the only client in the world but in the real world companies have several dozen jobs going at the same time. Dozens,,,but only this one complaint? Anyone care to stop by and I will be happy to supply you a list of customers who love the work we have done and acutally have an understanding of how a quality business is run.

c7b5e897, 2010-11-05, 12:44PM CDT

Totally opposite for me!

My wife and I recently had a full kitchen installed by this company and while having a kitchen installed by anyone is a nuisance and a disruption I think they did an awesome job. Our first contact was with Karen whom we met in the showroom. She helped us to make up our minds on colors, style and countertop selection. She came out to our home to field measure and go over cabinet selections. We saw our first drawings about 3 days later. After making a few changes we signed a contract with them, this was around the first of July. We made arrangements to go to the granite yard to select our tops, quite an experience. Our tear out was scheduled to be done when the cabinets arrived. The cabinets did arrive 4 days later than expected but it was due to the manufacture of the cabinets and not anyone at Corbella Kitchens. Our tear out and install was completed in 3 days, this was 30 days after we signed our contract which I feel was more than reasonable. All in all the job went pretty smooth and we are happy to be cooking in our new kitchen.

I can't speak for the woman above but I will say this; I'm in business myself and every once in a while I get a job that, for some unknown reason, just goes from bad to worse. After my experience with the folks at Corella Kitchens I can only assume this was one of those jobs. As far as the caulk goes I have no idea why one would dry white and one would dry clear...bad karma maybe?

a1ad6cdc, 2011-05-04, 05:36AM CDT

I'd like a rep to comment on my issues. Corbella refaced & stained my cabinets several years ago - not sure the exact date as it is not on the contract. One of the cabinet doors you measured for, ordered & installed is short, leaving a 2 inch gap. After the 2nd call and the 3rd trip by the store someone finally followed me home to look at the cabinets. He readily admitted the door was measured wrong, but informed me that this particular door had been discontinued. They offered to reinstall the door at a different height so the gap would not be as noticible.

I did not feel good about this option & felt that they should have a new door cut by a local carpenter.

Guess this is a moot point though because its been another several months

& there has been no follow-up from Corbella.

8400e951, 2011-08-24, 05:50PM CDT

i think corbella is a great company to deal with. to the first poster what imbecile buys cut rate chinese granite that he hopes will fit,and when it does not fit expects a cabinet installer to make it fit. and when it comes to the height the first poster probably didnt read his contract,THATS the time to make sure all is OK.hey people if your having work done at your house read your dang contract,if you dont and things go wrong dont blame the company. but most people will have to blame anybody but themselves.and they want the company to eat it and there goes the profit. nowhere in jax can you get the custom work that corbella can before you get on here and make complaints and affect a mans business and his ability to feed his family,ask your self are YOU perfect?? i have news for you the only thing perfect is Jesus my friend. Corbella did great work for me as well as many people i have referred to them.Jay and Janet are as honest as the day is long. so dont let these few complaint posts stop you from seeing what they have to offer.

12ad8ba4, 2011-10-01, 07:54AM CDT

Who are you people, and why would you so viciously attack a small business owner. I had a friend that used them to do work and loved this company. All I can say is you've got bad karma coming your way.

171bcb2b, 2014-01-13, 06:07PM CST

We've used Corbella's twice now. Our kitchen and then, our baths. We love the service we get and the finished product is of awesome quality!

I did a lot of research and I studied up... I'm glad I picked Corbella's and I would recommend them to all my friends.

I would probably guess that the sour pusses complaining created most of their own problems and they are probably never happy. There's always one or two out there..... I know, I work retail.

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