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Posted on Sunday, May 16th, 2010 at 10:08am CDT by 905680f7

Company: Maytag Repair

Location: 10099 Golden Eye Court
New Market, MD, 21774, US

Category: Other

Richard F. Buls of 10099 Golden Eye Ct, New Market, MD markets himself as a Maytag Repair Service. He came to my home on 4/14/2010, stated I needed a new motor and it would have to be ordered.

He called me a week later and told me the motor wouldn't be shipped until 5/1/10. Despite repeated calls to him, which he never returned, I still had not working dryer on 5/13/10. By this till, I was sure I had been scammed.

I was able to find his home address and went there on 5/14/10. He smelled of alcohol. He swore he would come to my home on the following tuesday to complete repairs. And he stated I will not be charged for the labor, although I have paid 265. for the part

In the meantime, I found out he is not factory authorized to perform repairs, although he advertises as such. According to Montgomery County records, he has been prohibited from performing appliance repair in Montgomery County, as a result of five complaints, from trading under several names, including "Montgomery Maytag Service, LLC, Maytag Service, and R.F. Buls, Jr for failure to properly repair appliances.

He has been sued repeatedly, dating back to 1989, according to MD state records.

I didn't do my homework prior to writing the check. But, hopefully anyone reading this will gain from my experience. Do NOT do business with this man!!

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905680f7, 2010-05-25, 02:13PM CDT

Update to this complaint:

I told Mr. Bul to bring the part in the shipping box, along with the receipt for the part when he came to do the repairs. That day, he taped the money I had paid him to my door and ran off.

I hired Hyssong Appliance of Frederick to complete the repair. Turns out a broken piece of filter and lint had caused the problem. 1/2 hour, lint and piece removed, and $93, and I had a working dryer.

But a family of four was without a dryer for 2 months.

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