East John safeway strore 1551 - Sai Cho At safeway 1551

Posted on Saturday, May 15th, 2010 at 11:05am CDT by 5a244981

Company: East John safeway strore 1551

Location: 1410 E John Street Seattle Washington 98122
SEattle, wa, 98122, US

URL: http://safeway.com/

Category: Other

As an employee, I understand that my opinion may be bias. Yet, the current assistant manager, Sai Cho, may need to step down from that position of athority as he has demonstrated extreme miss-use of his managerial status. I no longer work with this individual as I had complained to Human resources about him and was subsiquently transfered to another store, however one of my current coworkers called me at work and was in a frenzy that he had been tresspassed from the East John location and that Sai Cho had called the police. The employee banks at the Wells Fargo branch located inside the Safeway. He also is a paying customer as he lives near the store. The only reason in our opinion Sai would be so upset is the number of complaints he has recieved and transfer requests. So because employees have transfered due to Sai's extreme behavior those same employee's cant spend their hard earned money in that store(not to mention that is the only starbucks location in a mile radius)????

Sai has no understanding of the company mission statment and brand of World Class Service as he has demonstrated in the past with other customers he can care less if we have a product, he is rude when checking, makes no effort to help check when called and worse of all he stands around with his hands on his hips with the off duty Seattle Police Officer to intimidate his employees, yet is unavailble to help the front end run more smoothly. Because of his lazzyness things go wrong that he is unwilling to fix. Also, the moral of the store is absolutely dingey and depressing.

Rummor has is that Sai is an Ex police officer, I wonder why??? his use of excesive force perhaps? or maybe his sexism? what about his alcoholism?


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