Iowa Steak Company - Rip Offs. Bad meat

Posted on Saturday, May 15th, 2010 at 7:59pm CDT by e3da18a8

Product: Beef, Chicken, Seafood and Pork

Company: Iowa Steak Company

Location: 866 Home Ave.
Akron, Oh, 44310, US


Category: Other

My wife was home doing yard work when this pick up truck with a freezer in the back pulled in to our drive way. Two men where in the truck, one guy got out of the truck and asked my wife if she liked steak? She answerd yes I do and the guy said let me show you what I have. After 20 mins of telling her that it was all usda prime steak and was all range free and no additives, my said she would need to call me and see if I wanted it. The man said that he really had to sell it fast that they where giving all profit to help childrens hospital burn ward and only had 15mins to trun in. So she went into the house and got our check book and wrote a check for $349.00 the man I think he told her his name was Mike asked if she could give him the cash because time was running out to turn in the money and the person that turned in the most cash was getting a big bonus from the company. So she did just to help out the kids and Mike. When I got home she told me what she has done and asked if i would like to have steak for dinner. as she was starting to cook it it smelled bad. I looked at the box to see if the steak was any good and found that it was full of additives and that my wife paid over $26.00 a pound for this meat and none of it was prime meat like she was told. So the day I called the store and talked to this nice lady and told her everything and she told me that Mike would be out to pick up the meat and give me a refund. Well a week went by so I called again and the same lady told me she gave it to Mike to get it takin care of, I asked to speak to some one in charge and was put on hold, a man by the name of Steve answerd the phone and I told him the story from the start and right off the rip he told me that none of his guys would ever say what Mike said to my wife, so I asked to talk to his boss and he told me he was the director of operations and there was no one above him and hung up on me. So then I did some reserch on Iowa steak and Steve, I found their web site and called their corp. office and they told me they had no director of opperations that Steve Evans was the manager of that store. So again I told them the story and they said they would call me back. Still not hearing from them I did some more checking up on them and found out that Childrens hospital never heard of or have never gotten any money from an Iowa Steak co. Wow who would stoop so low to sell meat? I also took some of the meat to a friend of mine who is a butcher and he said it was clear the the meat was thawed and refrozen. After everyone I have talked to and after all the phone calls I still havent got my money back and I'm still investigating this company. I found out the most of their employees including the manager is felons and they have no permit to go door to door selling anything. People beware do not buy from fly by night meat companies that drive in trucks to your house...


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