Sirius Satelite Radio - Stay away from Sirius Satelite Radio!

Posted on Friday, May 14th, 2010 at 8:44pm CDT by 79134416

Company: Sirius Satelite Radio

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Thinking about satellite radio? Stay away from Sirius! It has been the absolute worst consumer experience of my life. Something as simple as a power cord breaking turned into a years worth of expense and heartache!

I attempted to replace the broken power cord to the satellite radio at retail stores such as Radio Shack, but no one carried anything that was compatible. I spoke with Sirius customer service about this and explained that I had been without service for several months and trying to replace the power cord (meanwhile I had already paid for the service I had not been receiving). The explained they would be happy to provide me with a free power cord but they were out of stock and I would need to call back in a few days. I continued to call back (each time holding for excessive amounts of time) and they never had the cord in stock. A little irritated by this time, I asked for my membership to be cancelled. To stop me from cancelling, they offered to keep both radios (my broken one and my husbands) turned on for a very discounted price if I paid up front for 4 months, while one customer service representative told me I might try Best Buy for the power cord. I agreed.

Best Buy informed me they do not carry them and that I should contact Sirius. (Ughhhh!)

I called Sirrius to ask again to cancel my membership and to maybe reimburse me for all the unused service I had paid for. The only thing they would offer me is a discount on a new radio. They said there was nothing else they could do and that I just had to wait for my service to run out at the end of the 4 months. Fine, I give up.

When four months was up, there was a new unauthorized $75.66 charge on my credit card. When I called to find out what was going on, I was informed that it was the charge for my service and that my service had never been cancelled! After about three representatives, I finally convinced someone that I HAD cancelled my service and they agreed to credit my card. They explained that it would take up to 10 days to show up!

After about 2 weeks I still had not seen the credit. I called back and the representative explained that whoever I spoke to previously, credited my Sirrius account, not my card, and that it should have only taken 5 days. He assured me that I will receive my credit within 5 days. I am still waiting

As of right now I am out about a years worth of satellite radio services, an additional $75.66, and COUNTLESS hours of precious time spent debating on the phone.

My question is, are there really this many incompetent people working for Sirius or are they trained to be evasive, manipulative, and misleading? It is one thing to try and keep your customers, but it is a whole other story to lie to them about time periods, availability of products, and membership agreements, and most of all, it is illegal to charge someones credit card after they have requested that you CLOSE THEIR ACCOUNT!

Just a warning for anyone out there, I am so upset after dealing with Sirius, it is not even worth having Satellite radio if this is what you have to deal with (and as you can see, I put up with a lot before I even took steps to complain!).


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