Aurora Loan Services Ins. Claims Department - Mortgage Lender Insurance Claim delays

Posted on Friday, May 14th, 2010 at 2:07pm CDT by 84852c54

Product: water damage insurance claim

Company: Aurora Loan Services Ins. Claims Department

Location: Phoenix, AZ, US

Category: Other

We had extensive water damage to our house which requires hardwood floor and carpet replacement, trim and molding replacement, and painting and carpet cleaning. Aurora mortgage was an additional payee on the insurance check and we endorsed it and submitted it along with all their required paperwork.(sent via fax and overnight mail) There has been one delay after another for over 2 weeks now with no resolution on when they are going to send us our first allocation funds based on Aurora's arbitrary time-allotments which are nowhere in any contract we have with them it could take 2 more weeks and in the meantime, we a stuck walking on concrete..more damage to carpets...and moldy carpet is still here causing many allergy and health issues. Their answer to my complaints "I understand your frustration and I don't know why that wasn't done the last 4 days when you were told it would be. Complaints? You could contact your congressman"


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