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Posted on Friday, May 14th, 2010 at 7:59am CDT by cd10897f

Company: McDonalds

Location: 2111 McDonald's Dr.
Oak Brook, IL, 60523, US


Category: Other

I went to McDonalds for lunch and had a hamburger. I took a bite and felt a crunch. The inside of the bun was so hard that it broke my tooth. I found the manager right away and had her feel the bun. She could not believe how hard it was and made a comment about how she keeps telling the night shift that they need to close the bags of buns up because of this reason. The manager then told me not to worry, they had insurance that would cover this type of thing. I was told to go to the dentist and get it fixed, have a copy made of the bill, and that she would contact the insurance company. I was contacted by the insurance company and gave them all of my information. For months I did not hear from this insurance company. I would call over and over again and leave messages that were never returned. Finally, just last week, 5 months after this incident, I was contacted. The insurance company told me that there was nothing wrong with the bun and my claim was denied. Now I have a $1,000 bill on my credit card that I am struggling to pay back. I am retired from the Army and am struggling to survive off my retirement check. I was retired from the Army due to medical issues as a result of three tours of combat in Iraq and Afghanistan. I never would have paid for this tooth if I thought this was going to happen. The manager told me to get it fixed though and made it seem as though it would be covered for sure, no question about it. I am not even asking for extra money, not one dollar more then I paid to get my tooth fixed. I cannot believe this is how McDonalds treat their customers.


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