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GE MONEY BANK CALLED IN DECEMBER OF 2009 AND WE AGREED ON A SETTLEMENT FOR MY ACCOUNT FOR 3 PAYMENTS 1- IN JANUARY 1 FEB & MARCH. I WAS TOLD ON THE PHONE CONVERSATION AND HAVE IT WRITTEN DOWN 1582 JANUARY 29 AND THEN ON FEB 28 AND MARCH 28 PAYMENTWS WOULD BE MADE IN THE AMOUNT 791.00 taken directly out of my account. They withdrew the 1582 just fine but then the second two payments were never taken out. They recorded the conversation and the agreement saying that the paymentswould be taken out of my account on those dates all three of the payments and not just the one in january.

Calling this 18002927508 to speak to customer service not only is it hard to speak to any one there but they are not helpful at all. hardly able to understand the representatives when they are speaking to you. First calli was on the line for four minutes then asked for a manager then 11 minutes later after being on hold i was disconnected. Calling back again was placed on hold after having to explain the entire issue with the representative why i needed to speak to a manager. WHy do the representatives get to give customers the 3rd degree? after being on hold for an additional ten minutes and then the manager coming on line. he asked if i called to notify them that the payment wasn't taken out for those two months. ..... i asked did they call me when they werent taken out. .. yes they did in april. end of the story .... and its recorded for any one at the company to here. I told the manager that i would make payment for $1582 tonight-today check over the phone the balance of what they were originally supposed to take. Manager declined and said no they would not take it. I told the manger. Fine- there won't be any payments made to this account ever then. I don't have a paycheck coming in, i'm not on unemployment i borrowed that money from rfelatives to cover it so that it would be paid off. I will return that money to my relatives and they just won't get anything.... What sense does that make? why wouldn't you live up to the agreement that you guys set forth? there were two recordings completed that day - GE money is a joke. when someone tries to pay their debt you deny it. I will be calling to ask for a copy of the recordings that were made for that first agreement.

empire today is a joke- ge money /geonline services a COMPLETE waste of americans time and money. Never again in my life will anything be purchased through them or any affiliation of GE.


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