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Posted on Thursday, May 13th, 2010 at 9:19am CDT by e0555ec3

Product: 9' Double Pulley Lift Umbrella

Company: Treasure Garden

Location: 13401 Brooks Drive
Baldwin Park, Ca, 91706, US

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One of the worst customer service experiences I've ever had. I purchased a $450 Treasure Garden market umbrella From Fresh Home & Garden which snapped in half 8 days after I brought it home. When I went back to return it, I was told by the store's co-owner that they don't warrantee the product and that I was basically out of luck. This was not mentioned at the time of purchase, nor is it indicated anywhere on the receipt. I had to ask for the manufacturer's contact info to see if I could submit a claim directly. Instead, my claim was forwarded to the local Treasure Garden dealer who informed me that "Treasure Gardens warranty specifically states that acts of nature ...are not covered by their manufacturers warranty." As of April 23, 2010 I still have not received a copy of this warranty, nor have I received any satisfactory resolution to my claim. Upon further investigation, I was able to find the same umbrella through for $149. Obviously I was duped by a unscrupulous retailer whose outrageous markup practices lulled me into believing I was buying a higher quality product than I actually received, as well as a manufacturer whose warranty protects no one but themselves.

Damage Resulting = I'm out $450. The retailer has since offered to sell me a replacement for $225 which would put me out $675 for an umbrella which is obviously not worth a cent.


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d6a4ddca, 2010-05-13, 10:57AM CDT

Treasure Garden, like virtually every other manufacturer in the industry - is proud to warranty its products against defects in original manufacturing or materials. Wind damage is not covered by ANY manufacturer that we are aware of. Most homeowners insurance policies however, do cover damage of this type. Although a replacement frame would probably be all that is needed (as the canopies are conveniently and easily replaceable), most insurance companies that I am aware of would pay for an entire replacement umbrella. For reference, we confirmed that the products for sale through for $149 only feature OLEFIN fabric (which is the lowest grade available, and are generally HALF the cost of the Solution-dyed acrylic fabrics). Most higher end specialty stores do not sell the Olefin fabrics, because of their short outdoor life.

If the bottom pole and canopy are in good shape, then the top frame is easily replaceable through your dealer. Odds are that your insurance company will reimburse you for it. Or you can purchase the umbrella through Amazon if you are more comfortable with that, and swap the canopies. All Treasure Garden 9' umbrellas have interchangeable canopies, so if you decide to go with a stronger ALUMINUM frame, you will still be able to use your original canopy. Hope this helps.


e0555ec3, 2010-05-13, 01:43PM CDT

Thank you for your prompt reply. Some notables:

1 - Standard homeowner policy deductible is $250 on any claim and is not useful in this situation.

2 - Is it not even remotely possible that a frame constructed of a natural material (i.e. wood) could not contain natural defects, thus rendering it liable to breakage?

3 - Should consumers not be made aware at time of purchase of the limitations of your warranty so that they may make an informed purchasing decision?

4 - Chalking up ANY damage to the frame as being the result of wind pretty much covers you in ANY claims situation, does it not?

5 - My umbrella was closed when it broke, how much wind is required to break it then? A light breeze? An oscillating fan?

6 - RE: "stronger ALUMINUM frame" leads me to reason that you're very much aware that the hardwood frame is NOT strong, and therefore more liable to breakage.

While I do appreciate your reply, I'm afraid I remain unsatisfied.

730dbf52, 2010-06-06, 04:30PM CDT

I work for a dealer that sells Treasure Garden products. I can assure you their frame (or one from one of their similar quality competitors) is better built than a cheap one from anywhere. Whether you bought the $149 umbrella from Amazon, the expensive one from TG, or one from a competitor, whatever damage destroyed your TG umbrella probably would of destroyed the other one too. We see it all the time after big windstorms come thru. The type of base can make a difference and if you keep it closed its more likely to hold up but the wind will always win if it's strong enough outside. Its like buying a new house and having it get damaged 8 days later by a storm -- sometimes bad things just happen.

032e40aa, 2010-10-07, 01:03PM CDT

I too purchased a $350 Treasure Garden which lost "rivits 2 months into use. I returned to the Dealer which pointed me to for warranty issues. Wed sit has NO address or contact info and web states

"Contact your dealer for warranty infomation" I'm not done yet....

3d9f3a85, 2011-01-18, 09:46AM CST

I am trying to buy parts for treasure garden umbrella, mainly the pole that goes the table. People keep putting

them up in the wind and the pole bends over the table. Tell me where I can go to find parts

Thank you Bob

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