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Product: Mike Denny Claudia Denny

Company: Silvermine Kennel

Location: 1873 Wright Rd
Greensburg, KY, 42743, US


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OMG! I personally went to this kennel place with a friend of mine myself that was buying a puppy from them, what I saw I almost had heart failure right then and there. These two people collect Social Security Benefits I am so sure of it being senior citizens that they are and do not report the income I am sure of. For the most part the dogs had no bedding or beds to lay on with these limited metal tins rolled in a 2 foot area for the dogs to lay on the cold damp wet ground that did not accommodate all his like 50 dogs. They feed their dogs Ol'Roy dog food from Wal-Mart that is loaded with corn that causes allergies in dogs. They sell the pups for $2500.00 each and can not afford to put the on a premium quality puppy/dog food which is so very sad. All these dogs I am sure are NOT their pets, they are in kennels some of them with feces everywhere. Question I ask myself, how do all these dogs get the socialization that they need individually? They do not use stainless steel bowl or water buckets. I have 2 friends that have dogs from this breeder before I went there myself and one has hip dysplasia, and the other has only 1 testicle. Another friend of mine has one that she bred from them and the sire through a 1 testicle male puppy from these people when they knew that that dog was going to be purchased as a sire. Any way for the most part, I will NOT support this PUPPY MILL at all whatsoever no matter what lines he is buying all over the world. He made over a half a Million $$$$$'s in puppy sales last year with his Puppy Mill business. Please pass this around, DO NOT SUPPORT THIS VERY SAD SITUATION OF THESE POOR ANIMALS.

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Katie L., 2012-10-15, 05:31PM CDT

On July 17th2011, we received our puppy that we purchased for $3000.00 dollars from $2500 for the dog and $500 for shipping. As expected we received an absolutely beautiful 7.5 week old English Golden Retriever. Everything about him was perfect and he took to his surroundings immediately. He is loved beyond words by my family and I wouldn?t trade him for any dog on the planet. The puppy within 24hours of arrival was diagnosed with Giardia, which is a common type parasite, I understand. We spent the money to fix it, to the tune of $200 including meds. The following week, the pup was diagnosed with an additional Protozoa, which again, we got happens. We fixed that too and the price tag was another $200 with visit and meds. I did although call the owner Mike Denny to let him know what was happening. A couple of months later when the dog was 4 months old, he started limping on his front left leg. After several visits to two different veterinarians, an orthopedic specialist diagnosed our 5month old puppy with Elbow Dysplagia?.5months old !!!

I again, called Mr. Denny and he basically said, ?it happens, send me back the dog and I'll give you a new one. It was his intention to put my dog DOWN and send me another runt from his litter. That was not going to happen after acclimating the dog to my family and loving him now for almost 5 months. The cost of the surgery to repair the dogs elbow was $4600 (not including the cost of the prior x-rays and sedatives) Of course, we opted to have it done and were instructed to keep him quiet and on a leash at all times for the next 3 months so he can heal. Mr. Denny refused all requests to meet us half way with the vet bills or offer at least 1/2 of the price of the dog @ $1250.00. What a great guy! BIG heart.

Well, (2) months into his elbow healing he starts limping on his left rear leg. (Remember, the dog has been kept confined and quiet so his front leg could heal. No running, no jumping, no playing, nothing!) Back to the Orthopedic Vet, more x-rays and sedation. I was informed IN WRITING from our vet, that the dog's Anterior cruciate ligament was slowly starting to tear, and in no way, shape or form, could this be a result of an injury due to the location of the tearing. He said it's a slow tear and the dog will be lame within a short time if it's not repaired. Again, I called Mike Denny about this situation. Mike Denny thinks he has the verbal articulation to talk his way out of anything, blame the owner and he has a contract to prove it. So again, Mr. Denny slammed the door on any negotiations other than send the dog back and I'll give you a new one. Does this man actually think I would take ANOTHER dog from him given what I've been through with the one he sold me?? Now, I started doing my own research and have found other owners who too, have gotten an inferior dog from this couple at

Mr. Denny said, "I protect myself from people like you with my contracts". It is what it is, you signed the contract and now you want to change it ?? He kept repeating that ridiculous statement over and over and over. He had nothing else to defend his poor breeding practices with other than his "contract". I consider myself to be a reasonable person. I'm not looking for a full refund on the dog, I, like several other breeders of this type of dog thought he would stand behind his dogs and his business and make sure that I didn't walk away angry. The breeders I have spoken to and the people who purchase dogs from them, say they never heard of such an atrocity! They could never in good consciousness do that to anyone who spent that kind of money in good faith. Mr. Denny always blames the purchasers. ALWAYS. Check the reviews and look at his "comebacks" they all blame the owners. So sad, just so sad.

Now, keep in mind the Dennys are no spring chickens and it makes perfect sense that hes heading for or already in retirement so what does he care? This man could care less that his business is getting smeared all over the internet. I have been in touch with others that have bought a dog from him with the same results I got. He just doesn't care. He's a callous man who should not be in the breeding business AT ALL. His dogs, property and business practices are sublevel and subhuman. Mr. Denny has not only taught me a hard lesson, don't buy dogs on the internet, but he has ruined a lot of business practices for the breeders out there that are ethical and have great reputations and would respond promptly so as not to have their good name tarnished. This man and his wife have absolutely no ethics whatsoever. Do your research, check the complaints on any search, bing, dogpile, you name it! they are pouring in!

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