Posted on Wednesday, May 12th, 2010 at 10:17pm CDT by 83a50ba1

Product: ZTE phone

Company: MetroPcs

Location: 6035 Florin Rd Suite 100
Sacramento, Ca, 95823, US

Category: Other

I was an at&t customer before I transferred over to MetroPCs. I decided to change my wireless company because I liked the plans MetroPcs was offering. I went to the MetroPcs office on florin road on May 11, 2010, and the representative that helped us was Mohammad (I think he was the manager of the office) He was really nice to us, he opened an account for both of us, ported our number from AT&T, and our contacts from our old phones. We left the office very satisfied. My wife and I do not use our phones very much, so it was about 7pm when we left the office and when we got home we just placed the phones on charge and went to bed. The next morning when I tried to make a call from my phone, there was no dial tone and when I called my wife, her phone received my call but I could not hear anything she was saying and she was not able to hear anything either. I was not able to hear anything every time anyone called me or when I made a call. We both are students, so we had class and were not able to go into the office until 4pm. Before going to the office I took my phone out of my pocket and saw a blank white screen. When I got to the office, we met with Mohammad again and told him about the issues we were experiencing with the phone. He said that we need to go to the corporate and have the phone exchanged. I said I did not want this same phone again because the phone was so fragile that the screen broke while it was in my pocket. He said get the phone exchanged and I will give you a different phone. After getting the phone exchanged, I went back to him and Mohammad said that he will not be able to give me a different phone even though he told me that he will. I then said that if I cant get a different phone then I want a refund because according to their policy, I could get a full refund if I return it within 7 days and if there was less than one hour talk time on the phone. Well, Mohammad did not like the refund idea so he went off like a bomb and started yelling. I do not know why the refund idea ticked him off. He was behaving really immaturely and rude. He was saying things that he is not allowed to say to the customers (I know because I worked in retail too) such as: go back to AT&T, do not argue or else I will have you thrown out and we did not even say anything infact he kept saying things and making matters worse, but every time we wanted to reply to what he said he would tell us to not say anything or else I will throw you out. He said alot of things but I forgot because I was so shocked he was saying all these things that he was not allowed to. I did not want to cancel my account with metroPcs because I like the plans, but if they have managers like Mohammad in the offices, I do not think I want to keep this service. Also he called the Elk Grove office where we had the phone exchanged, to find out how much talk time we had on the broken phone. When I asked him how much talk time I had on the phone, and he replied in a very angry tone and said, " you definetly have more than one hour talk time, you know you had more than one hour of talk time, that is why you broke your screen". I was completely shocked at his false accusations I could not believe he was accusing me of breaking the screen on purpose. I really wanted to prove to him that he was falsely accusing me of something that is not true. I was furious with his behavior and lies, so I went to the corporate office and asked them to call Elk grove office and ask them how much talk time I had on the broken phone and when the lady from corporate called, she said they turned the phone on but there is no way to find out how much talk time I used because the screen was broken. Even the lady at the corporate said that Mohammad was lying because if the screen is broken then how was he able to find out the talk time. My phone was not even working, so how could I have more than an hour talk time? Mohammad sent me home to get the rest of the stuff for the phone I wanted a refund for, but I did not want to go back to such an immature, lying, disrespectful person, so that's why I went to the corporate.


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