North Carolina State Employees Credit Union - Is North Carolina State Employees Credit Union INSOLVENT?

Posted on Tuesday, May 11th, 2010 at 5:09pm CDT by 84ecc84d

Product: Credit Union

Company: North Carolina State Employees Credit Union

Location: Raleigh, NC, US


Category: Other

I requested that a cashier's check be sent to me in Ohio from the credit union in Raleigh. I have the funds and sent a fax with the request and documentation. I did this very same procedure without any flaws six months ago. Last week, on May 6th, I attempted to do the same. Several things happened. 1. The check was sent 2nd day instead of overnight as requested. 2. The bank delayed 2 days to permanently change my address in the computer from NC to OH even though my residence is in NC. 3. They sent the check to the wrong address with a signature required. The checks are irretrievable by me and will cycle for a two days with Fed Ex until fed ex returns them to NC SECU in Raleigh. Why has the credit union changed from six months ago providing seamless access to funds to last week blocking access? The most obvious and likely reason is that the credit union is INSOLVENT. FDIC (federal depository insurance corporation) has a "watch list" of insolvent institutions but refuses to publish the list. Consumers need to be aware of subtle signs of insolvency. If you have less than 250K in NCSECU, you are safe. If you have more than $250K, you may want to move quickly to protect yourself by drawing down assets to the insured limits.


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