Total Detnal Administrators - Horrible customer service at Total Dental Administrators

Posted on Tuesday, May 11th, 2010 at 2:49pm CDT by a3eb4276

Product: Total Detnal Administrators

Company: Total Detnal Administrators

Location: 2111 E. Highland Avenue Suite 250
Phoenix, AZ, 85016-4735, US


Category: Other

I called Total Dental Administrators to check the coverage for my daughter's teeth cleaning before seeing the dentist. The service representative asked for my information and the dentist's information. She then told me that teeth cleaning will be totally covered. However, when we checked out at the dentist's office, we were asked to pay $188. I called TDA's customer service line right away, providing the doctor's information and my plan information again. This representative still told me that I don't need to pay anything. So, the doctor's staff and TDA's representative argued over the phone, and TDA's representative lost the debate. I was embrassed and paid the fee. Later, I called TDA to complain. The superviser, Mr. Osmin, acknowledged that his staff made mistakes twice, causing me to pay $188 for a teeth cleaning. But he refused to cover any of my costs caused by these two representatives' mistakes. This is horrible!


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