Directv - Directv Misinformation Cost Me $$$

Posted on Tuesday, May 11th, 2010 at 12:41pm CDT by a0eaf03b

Product: Directv

Company: Directv

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I need to cut expenses, so I was considering terminating Directv in favor of a less expensive alternative. My first order of business was to call and ask Directv if I had any pending contractual obligations should I cancel. I was told, "No." On the strength of that I proceeded to make the change. When the switch was complete I called Directv to finalize disconnection. During THAT conversation I was informed that I WAS under obligation and early termination would cost $. I asked how this could be as I had so recently been told by another representative that I had no obligation. The answer was, " Sorry about that, but there's nothing that can be done. You owe the $."

I would not have made the switch had I been informed correctly at the outset.

I have called Directv again, spoke with another representative and have gotten no resolution. I will have to pay or ding my credit.

It's a crying shame when misinformation provided by their customer service costs me. It is additionally a shame that there is no avenue for resolving disputes such as mine as " no one has the authority to make changes in contract agreements". The buck at Directv seems to stop at the phone drone cubicles !

I have been a long time Directv customer, but I will NEVER use their service again and I will encourage others to NOT do business with them as well !


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