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Posted on Monday, May 10th, 2010 at 3:57pm CDT by 6b40dfa6

Product: Tires

Company: Tires Plus

Location: 1340 N State Rd 7
Margate, FL, 33068, US

Category: Other

On August 6th 2009 I purchased 4 New tires from Tires Plus. I purchased Road Hazard Warranty and lifetime balance at an additional cost of about 14.00 per tire.

6 months later when I went to get them re-balanced, they claim they had no record of my paying for lifetime balance or road hazard warranty.

Since everything went into the computer, I feel they are lying. My opinion is they do this regularly and I hope that if this is so, others will come forward.

My biggest mistake is losing track of my receipts. I have searched high and lo for them but cannot find them but I definitely paid for those extras.


6b40dfa6, 2010-05-21, 11:31AM CDT

As an update to this .....

I recently went into the store to try and resolve this matter once again. Oddly, THIS time they found the receipts which did in fact show I had paid for all these services.

Too bad it took almost a year for them to find them because I needed my tires balanced at least once before this and I put a lot of miles on them in an unbalanced state.

Lesson learned...NEVER lose your receipts.

6b40dfa6, 2010-07-23, 09:59PM CDT

Seems they have since sorted this out.

But my tires went unbalanced for a long time until it was.

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