Skagen watch -poor quality & customer service

Posted on Monday, May 10th, 2010 at 12:51pm CDT by e9bc39dd

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Location: Henrik and Charlotte Jorst 640 Maetro Drive, Suite 100
Reno, NV, 89511-2207, US

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I used to be a Skagen fan. 3 days ago, I bought another Skagen watch. When I tried to put it on for the first time at home, it accidentally dropped to the floor, something not uncommon as it was difficult to hold onto the ends of the band with the weight of the watch on the other side. To my surprise, the surface of the watch immediately cracked:

1). I have owned a lot of watches and dropped each of them mulitple times in the past. None never cracked on the surface.

2). There was no mentioning by the sales clerk in the store nor in the Skagen manual that this particular model is made of a fragile material. If it is fragile, there should be a warning statement. To my ignorance, I never knew that the outer surface of a watch could be made of a fragile material. I consider myself a regular consumer. If I did not know, how about others?! Are we supposed to try to think of ways 24/7 to protect our watch from being damaged?!

3). How could a watch, which is something that stays with you all day, which can easily be hit, which sees wear and tear, to be made of a brittle material?! Isn't it also a safety concern?

I called Skagen and spoke with two representatives who were supposed to be the designated people to handle consumer complaints. I would like to complain about the fragility of the watch and understand what could be done. The repair cost plus shipping quoted by them is 1/2 cost of the watch because they said breakage of crystal was not covered! A hefty bill to be paid. As for the customer service, it was one of the most unprofessional treatments that I have ever experienced. Instead of patiently listening to the customer and trying to alleviate the situation, they at times spoke louder than you, they cut you off, they made comments such as, "Our manual did say it's made of crystal (which is not entirely true. There was only general statements for all of their different watches on the manual, no specifics to the particular watch I bought); "You have basically made a mistake and not taking your own responsibility! (repeated at least 3 times on the phone)"; "It's like you hit your own car to the wall."; "We do not have any other similar complaints. Yours the only one."

Even if they insist on their policy of not covering breakage, there are many other professional ways to more appropriately deal with their customers rather than being so rude. They can easily lose their customers and form a bad reputation of the company with incompetent customer service representatives.

I sincerely hope their owners: Mr. Henrik and Mrs. Charlotte Jorst listen to their customers, improve on the quality of their product as well as put better efforts in their customer service quality. Afterall, they still offer very unique and outstanding watch designs on the market. At the moment, they have just lost another customer.


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