Magic Time Motors - Abusive Behavior at dealership

Posted on Monday, May 10th, 2010 at 7:17pm CDT by 7dbcd0bf

Company: Magic Time Motors

Location: 1244 Santa Barbara
San Antonio, TX, 78201, US


Category: Other

On 5/01/10 at approximately 1100am, an employee of Magic Time Motors approached me. While approaching, he gave me a dirty look and appeared to be staring me down. He very deliberately walked around my vehicle staring inside and glaring at me. He appeared angry and defensive and asked who I was and what I was doing. He told me I had parked in a wrong spot. The man acted belligerent and used profanity at me. He told me to get the hell out of there. He was very demanding and made no attempt to speak in a calm professional manner. I had opened my door slightly so I could speak to him and he took the door and yanked it open from my hand, while waving his finger in my face. I stated calmly that I could open the door myself, at which time he became even more belligerent and demanding. I stated calmly that he could say it more politely, at which time he became even louder. He was so loud that I could see a child look out the window of a house across the street in response to the mans yelling. I moved my vehicle and walked up to where I could see the sign in front of the dealership, at which time I proceeded to quietly write down the name and phone number on the billboard in front of the dealership. At this time I observed the same person speaking loudly in Spanish to another man with graying hair. He still appeared angry and turned to me and yelled, 737-1977! At this time he stormed off. Although I would have preferred to have spoken to a manager at the time about the employees belligerent behavior, I quietly left and made no attempt to approach the dealership. Due to the behavior the man displayed throughout the incident, I was concerned for my safety if I had attempted to pursue the matter on site. The following week, I made 3-4 calls to magic time and was told each time that the owner was not available. On 5/04/10 at approximately 10:00am, I called Magic Time Motors and was told the owner was not available. The man I spoke to stated he was the manager so I advised him of the incident. He stated that he was aware and felt the employee was appropriate. When I attempted to describe the situation and the employees belligerent behavior and tone, the man condoned the employees behavior and stated, I didnt see or hear anything threatening and now I am going to terminate this conversation. I am surprised that this type of behavior would be condoned. I believe it is possible that the manager, Jerry, was the same abusive person I had dealt with and tried to cover up the matter on the phone. Otherwise, why else would the staff work so hard as to hide it from the owner?


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