Walgreens Pharmacy - Walgreens Extremely Bad Customer Service Experience

Posted on Saturday, May 1st, 2010 at 10:09pm CDT by bde81789

Company: Walgreens Pharmacy

Location: 12275 Perris Blvd.
Moreno Valley, Ca, 92557, US

URL: http://walgreens.com/

Category: Other

I took a bottle of Eucerin Lotion back to the store I purchased it from (Walgreens Pharmacy located on Perris Blvd in the city of Moreno Valley, Ca.). I didn't have the original receipt with me (couldn't find it) so when I entered the store I immediately told the clerk (Irene, I believe) near the entrance that I was only bringing it back to do an exchange for a different lotion, as this brand was not adequate for my needs. It had not been used. Irene said only the manager could authorize an exchange and so she called him over. His name was Sergio Ramero. He looked closely at the bottle I had brought in and then walked away, without explanation, to see if he could locate the same bottle on the store shelf. Before coming back to me he then went into a back-office with the bottle. When he returned a few minutes later (btw, I had no idea where he went or what he was doing) his attitude was that he couldn't justify giving me an exchange because, according to him, that product had not been sold in his store for the past month. I explained to him that that might be true because I did, in fact, purchase it approximately a month before. We didn't disagree about that, however, he also said that he was not going to do the exchange because he couldn't tell that it was even purchased in "his" store. I asked him to simply scan the UPC code or other bar-coded information on the bottle in order to verify that the product came from "his" store. He said, in no uncertain terms, in fact, angrily, that he wouldn't and that there was no information on the bottle that would indicate it even came from Walgreens. At that point I then offered my credit card that I used for the original purchase in order to try tracking Walgreens system as a way of verifying the purchase and he said again "no", that Walgreens isn't a Target-type operation that can do that. By now I had become frustrated at not only his responses, but his demeanor, his attitude towards me, and his overall lack of customer-oriented skills. He just didn't grasp the concept that I was there , as a customer, (I already had several items I was planning on purchasing before his involvement) whose purchase not only effect Walgreens' financial bottom-line, but that I was indirectly contributing to his own salary and benefits. He finally, and with a great deal of consternation, said he would give me a 'store-credit' for the bottle I was returning, and I then told him that a credit was the same to me as an exchange, which was all I wanted to do in the beginning! He never got it!!!! After I told him that and asked why he was being as belligerent as he was, he then changed his mind about giving me the store-credit and told me to take the bottle to another Walgreens and if I had a problem with him I should come back and tell it to his boss, the store manager. He was clear that he would not, under any circumstances, allow me to do any kind of exchange in "his" store. I emphasis "his" because he was pretty adamant that he was the "boss" and it was "his" store, and that things happened there according to his dictate. So sad!! I hope that Walgreens or someone associated with Walgreens, either as part of corporate management, corporate customer service, or any stakeholders in Walgreens doesn't take this complaint lightly. This guy Sergio, is NOT doing the name of the business any good with the attitude he displayed to me today. I am absolutely sure that from what I experienced today, that I am NOT the only Walgreens customer in our area who has had the misfortune of dealing with Sergio and has left the store with nothing less than a bad taste in their mouth because of it. My experience also left me feeling like he thought I was a common criminal trying to scam the store... Too bad that his people-skills are as lacking as they are. As consumers, we come to stores like Walgreens to spend hard-earned money on goods offered and expect at least to be treated like we're appreciated. Today Walgreens didn't treat me like a valued customer.......and with a Rite-Aid, A CVS and a Costco and a Sam's Club all within a mile of this particular Walgreens, the choice is pretty easy to NOT return to this Walgreens for anything, especially if it means running into an attitude like the one displayed by Sergio Ramero.... Thanks for taking the time to read this...


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