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Posted on Tuesday, March 9th, 2010 at 5:11pm CST by a95cec2d

Product: credit card processor

Company: RBS WorldPay, Inc / RBS Lynk

Location: 600 Morgan Falls Rd Ste 260
Atlanta, GA, 30350, US

URL: http://www.rbsworldpay.us/

Category: Other

I own a small business and have been using RBS LYNK, a.k.a. RBS Worldpay to process my credit card receipts, for over 3 years. I was informed on 10/27/2009 that RBS was going to withhold 25% of my daily credit card receipts, until a "chargeback reserve fund" of $4000 was met. This change was "based in whole or in part, upon my transaction history, as well as information reviewed from Equifax."

Though my business has had only a handful of chargebacks, (customer disputed charges), while processing well over 1 million dollars in transactions in that 3 year period. Only 2 fraudulent purchases resulting in chargebacks.

Upon receipt of the NEW reserve fund policy, I phoned RBS account executive Cheryl A. Brown, asked about the change in terms of merchant agreement, requiring a "security deposit" and was informed this decision was final.

I also had the right to JUST SAY NO... Thanks! I promptly found another credit card processing company, (with substantial savings to me, by the way). I terminated my services with RBS WorldPay on 11/18/2009. Even though I ceased doing business with RBS, I was informed they would hold MY MONEY, just under $2500 for 3 months, with no interest... What a RIPOFF!

In November 2009, I filed in small claims court in the state of Florida. Due to litigation, I have been in contact with RBS lawyer Douglas Sandberg. Finally 3 months from the date I terminated business with RBS, I received the release requiring me to: Sign send back to them, then MY MONEY would be returned!

To this date, RBS WorldPay, Inc is still charging fees, debiting one of my checking accounts, and created an overdraft. Now my bank, Citizens is charging service charge fees, due to the overdraft! Ironically Citizens Bank, is a subsidiary of Royal Bank of Scotland, which is the parent company to RBS WorldPay, Inc!!!

It's bad enough the banks received TARP funds, which all taxpayers are footing the bill, at least they will be paying interest. Yet this company decided to screw me, (and maybe you), the small business owner, for an INTEREST FREE LOAN!

Best advise for small business, JUST SAY NO to RBS WORLDPAY:

1. DO NOT SIGN any contracts with any credit card processor, as the fine print allows them to do anything short of pimping your first born. You can find processors, that don't require contracts, as I have now

2. DO NOT do business with RBS LYNK, RBS Worldpay a division of Royal Bank of Scotland Group, under Citizens Financial Group, Inc dba RBS Citizens, N.A. and Citizens Bank of Pennsylvania. They operate a 12-state branch network under the Citizens Bank brand in Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Vermont.

They may do the same to your business...


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e508bdf9, 2010-07-20, 08:22PM CDT

I agree with you. I had my share of the crap with RBS Lynk I decided to terminate my contract with them because I found out that: 1) they charge higher; 2) the credit card sales clear in 3 business days (or 5 days if the sale occured on a Thursday and Friday); and 3) they charge dormancy fee for gift cards you sold to your customer!

After I terminated the service, I told my bank a stop payment to RBS Lynk. Then, later on I received a bill from them for an early termination fee of about $200. I was so mad because I had been doing business with them for more than 6 years! I did not pay the bill, and of course, they forwarded the account to a collection agency. Now, the collection agency is trying to collect from me $395! Or else... I will be in bad credit. I told the agency that I am not going to pay the early termination fee, and if they can produce me a signed contract that would show the early termination fee, then I would pay them. I don't remember that I signed any contract, and that I don't remember I will be charged of an early termination fee after doing business with them for more than 6 years... after they have cheated us!


a40c5f2a, 2010-09-28, 10:24AM CDT

I can relate to this mans pain. I have been working as a bookkeeper for a compnay for 18 months. In November of 2009 (23 months ago) this company left RBS as their credit card processor, possibly for the same reason.

For reasons I do not know about, the credit card proccessing machines were never mailed back. The bank account we used to use with RBS is with a bank that has since been bought out, so the routing number is not the same. Last month, with no notice, RBS charged our account somehow for the five machines for a total of over $1,300. Why the bank would let them attempt to take the money out of the account with the wrong routing number is also unclear to me.

So after almost two years, RBS causes us to be overdrawn on an account we are not using with out making one phone call. After I spoke to someone there, I found the equipment, and sent it back as per their instructions, only to get a phone call three weeks after they received the equipment. This time it is from the collections company they turned it over to!!! They have their equipment, they caused us to be overdrawn on our account, and yet a collections company still wants payment for the equipment.

This company has no clue how to do business with a customer and communicate with them. My recommendation is to find a company that cares about the customer, and that is not RBS!!!

a305ab61, 2011-06-07, 10:00AM CDT

RBS Lynk Consumer Complaint: RBS decided to implement a cahnge tho their recurring billing program over the memorial day weekend 2011. It created a ripple effect re-billing clients that had already paid. We do not use the recurring billing feature EVER! Money was put in our account and taken out and we were charged for the batch transactions even though they were RBS mistakes. Numerous cutomers were deleted from our pay system that we had already set up to run and others were re-billed more than once! We called several times were given a case # and promised all would be fixed with the week by 6/3/11. As of 6/7/11 it's getting worse and our clients are furious. Our small business can not withstand this type of poor service and bad publicity. Does anyone out there have any suggestions? We are contacting the Texas Attorney Generals Office.

7dc050ed, 2012-02-18, 08:29AM CST

I think a group action should be filed against RBS World pay for poor business practices. I'll start gathering names. E-mail me at [email protected]

ed5a2016, 2012-04-02, 06:30PM CDT

We were hit by multiple charges from World Pay as a result of the situation you have described. We used the service through our local daycare and after 8 charges, I had checks bouncing all over the place. This issue has effectively RUINED my credit and, to date, I cannot even write a check at the grocery store. Although the daycare refunded the tutition we were charged (and charged and charged) I have still not recovered financially. Has anyone had any luck with legal action against them? I am contemplating small claims court?

7dc050ed, 2012-04-06, 06:27AM CDT

I might be going to court with them myself. Would like more info on case similarities.E-mail me. [email protected]

db841b58, 2012-10-22, 09:17AM CDT

I opened a new business last year, and went with them because they were integrated into my software program I use in my office. Within a few months they started adding fees, charging me because, "I was not making enough money for them". Remember, I was a new business, and frankly the credit card terminal in my office didn't get used that much. Now, after having a prior valid agreement with them, they decided to charge me an annual fee on top of my monthly fees. For what? I make money for you WorldPay, you don't do anything for me, besides find ways to take more money. You company is primarily computer based. I'm sick of what I'm seeing in the business world, no regulations governing certain types of companies, and if there are, they are never enforced, b/c like all big companies they have they hands in the pockets of politicians.

67c0411c, 2013-11-14, 08:19PM CST

I sold my business recently and called to cancel my service. They cancelled the service and charged my bank account $495. Upon inquiry, they said that I have signed a contract that says that I will be charged termination fee of $495 if I cancel within 3 years.

I don't remember signing any contract and was never made aware of this termination fee when I signed up for service. I asked for a proof of contract and they emailed me a copy. It had my name and signature which I never signed. The signature wasn't mine and the writing wasn't mine either. They said I should contact an attorney if I have an issue with this.

I can't believe that companies like this continue to exist in USA.

Please be aware that they also charged me hefty monthly fee + PCI compliance Fee + Annual Fee + Transaction Fee + Settlement Fee + other fees.

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