Chase - Chase Credit card transfer policy

Posted on Monday, March 8th, 2010 at 7:43pm CST by 7ce8d915

Product: Credit card Slate

Company: Chase

Location: P.O. Box 6184
Westerville, OH, 43086, US


Category: Other

When talking with the new account representative I told him I wanted to wait to transfer my fund from another card until I knew the credit limit I would be getting on my new chase slate visa card. The reason for this is if you use up over half of your available balance it's considered maxed out and is bad for your credit score. He told me to give him the amount I wanted to transfer and that I would be able to change it later when I got my credit limit. When I got my card and my credit limit I decided to change the transfer amount. This is when the trouble started. I called the number on the card, told me I had to talk specialist but then transfered me to the wrong number. When I got to where I needed to be I was told the amount was final and that I could not change it. When I was not happy with this I was transfered to a manager. I was then told even if I cancelled the new Chase card the amount would still transfered, but I could always transfer the amount I had not wanted transfer back to the existing card. The Chase transfer fee is 3% of the transfer amount. Be aware of Chase, they tell you what ever you want to hear to sign up for one of there cards. Don't use Chase for your credit card needs, not to be trusted.


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