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Posted on Monday, March 8th, 2010 at 3:14pm CST by 450f1bbf

Product: COACH, INC

Company: COACH, INC

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$400 might not be a lot of money for a purse for some people, but my son and husband splurged on a COACH purse for me - gray leather - beautiful - but it immediately began:

- Lining tearing

- Gray leather turning purple

The very kind people there had me send it back at my expense and repaired the lining but did not address the purple color. When I called, I was told I could send it back again at my expense (and time, it took weeks for it to be returned). When I hesitated, the customer service rep explained dye transfer happens to COACH purses. Sad.

Now its sitting in my closet - I could have had 5-10 fun purses.

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2034587e, 2011-12-06, 02:42PM CST

I had the same problem it is oviously a problem. However the coach manufacturer Rep does not seem to think so. I complained about my metallic Sohpia bage that I paid almost $400 plus the matching wallet for over $200, I spoke with a rep concerning the dye that comes from my jeans that consequently transfered to my purse, that looks awfully dirty. She recommended that I contact the manufacturer of the jeans to see if in fact they could make ammends. The problem I have is buyer beaware, if they had told me that some people was experiencing this dye rob off onto the purse I would not have purchased it. I plan to never purchase another coach bag ever. I normally would get aleast two per year with matching wallets, what happened to customer satisfactory.

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