gate gas station store#1203 - lucky gate store not so friendly

Posted on Friday, March 5th, 2010 at 6:11pm CST by 900b826f

Company: gate gas station store#1203

Location: jacksonville, fl, US

Category: Other

we decided to try our luck at the lucky gate station on monument rd. that was on the cbs local news.eveyday we take our tickets to get cashed in that day we had about $75 in winnings(about 12 to 15 scratchoffs)when we arrived we handed our tickets to the cashier jessica w. she rolled her eyes and acted like it was an inconvience she even had the nerve to ask us if we saved these up for a week?then she tells her co-worker to move over from the lottery computer so that she can cash these stupid tickets!i don't know about you but we think that is very rude

and unbuisness like,we work hard for our money and invest a little in the lottery every couple days.just do your job with a smile if you can't maybe you shouldn't be working out in the we took our tickets back and went to our neighborhood welcome store where they are always polite and friendly no matter how many tickets you have to cash in.they too have sold a few winning tickets so suck on that jessica w. at gate store 1203


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