Associated Materials Incorporated - Alside Windows so called Warranty

Posted on Thursday, March 4th, 2010 at 11:13am CST by 4a3591b0

Product: ClimaTech TK2

Company: Associated Materials Incorporated

Location: P.O. box 2010
Akron, OH, 44309, US


Category: Other

We used Alside's replacement windows in our entire house. Within two months one window just cracked with no apparent reason. They replaced that under the life time warranty. Six months after it was replaced another window cracked. I contacted them again and their reply was that the glass was not covered. Since glass is the biggest component of a window the warranty is basically useless. I believe that they are using an inferior glass and selling "lifetime" warranties with no intention of living up to their promises. I replaced my origninal(20 year old) windows that were basically sound but required maintenence,and I now am stuck with repairing "new" windows. Their literature says that buy Climateck windows "and enjoy the fact that you have made a wise investment in your home." In this case I am extremely sorry I bought a product that was "Made in the U.S." and I feel that my money was wasted.


694c7d6d, 2010-10-06, 01:16PM CDT

That is too bad you feel that way; i have same product and i know the "crack" is a stress crack and IS covered for only 1 yr from installation (due to weather changes are only reason for crack and if it lasts through all the seasons in a yr it is cracked by other causes. Call the company who installed it or call Alside directly. BUT do it before MARCH 2011!!!!!

b68ade0c, 2011-02-10, 02:40AM CST

Evidently you didn't call Alside direct?

I used to buy from them in Milwaukee and in 2006 we spent 850,000 with Alside, couple hundred thousand with Lang industries. We started purchasing from Alside in 2001.

Evidently you didn't call Alside direct!

Because I never heard of them ever doing this and considering they do in excess of a Billion in sales pretty strange there is only a couple complaints.....I normally give the customer the benefit of the doubt but here I will say either you didn't call them direct, or you one of those people who isn't happy unless they are trying to make others miserable. Now their finance department is a bunch of nobs, and the Lang window out of Chicago will NEVER warranty their GARBAGE windows!

Try to have a nice day despite yourself!

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