FedEx - I'm off FedEx for good

Posted on Wednesday, March 31st, 2010 at 7:25am CDT by 2502c781

Company: FedEx

Location: US

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On March 15th, I ordered a package from an online retailer who I won't name here, lest they sue me for defamation for being associated with a company as horrible as FedEx. Due to a glitch, the package ended up heading to my old address, which had been on file with them. I emailed customer support and they corrected it before the package even went out. "Awesome," I thought, "Customer service that's both fast and effective". Obviously, though, that's where this retailer and their shipping company, FedEx, differ.

The package was shipped on the 16th and reached Salt Lake City, where I live, on Thursday the 18th. The estimated delivery date was the 21st, a Sunday, so I hoped it would come the following day but would understand if I received it on Monday the 22nd. Nope. It sat at a hub here in Salt Lake until the 23rd, whereupon it embarked towards Denver, Colorado. Denver is more than 370 miles from here. 4 days later, the package had returned from its detour to Denver. That was a Saturday, so again I assumed the package would be delivered on Monday. Again, I was wrong, because on Monday it left for Denver. Again.

I was obviously a little perturbed, so I sent a quick e-mail to FedEx customer support asking them to fix the problem. They assured me it would be forwarded to the appropriate department and the problem would be taken care of. Later that day, the package returned to Salt Lake. I figured that, having complained to them, I would receive the package the next day or the day after that. I must be stupid to assume these things, because guess where it's headed again? That's right, Denver.

Here's a fun fact. Did you know that by the time it gets to me, the package will have traveled over 1/10th of the Earth's circumference on an increasingly ridiculous series of totally unnecessary trips?

Last night I sent them a second e-mail asking why the first didn't solve my problem, and demanding that they overnight it to me as soon as it reaches Denver. I threatened to boycott their service and spread a lot of ill will if they didn't. They haven't contacted me yet, and I have yet to see if my package is going to eventually get here, but I've changed my mind. No matter when (or if) the package arrives, I'm refusing to use FedEx again and am leaving complaints on every site I can think of. Avoid this joke masquerading as a business at all costs.

For anyone interested in keeping tabs on this train wreck, my tracking number is 9102128212347591475492.


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