Dell Inc. - Warrentys and Virus Removal

Posted on Tuesday, March 30th, 2010 at 3:50pm CDT by 6a36b161

Product: Windows XP

Company: Dell Inc.

Location: One Dell Way

Category: TV, Music, Video

I called Dell today 03/30/10 to retrieve my product code for windows xp. The first rep told me that he would get the code for me, I was then transferred and this rep told me that the code was on the inside of my tower. I stated that this code was not working, and he transferred me to another rep who stated that there was no code for my computer. I said that each computer comes with a unique product key and Dell has to have it, because they built the computer. The last rep told me that if I purchased a warranty, that he could install the software for me. I informed him that he had just told me that there was no product key, but if I purchased a warranty he would install it. This was a scam to get me to purchase a warranty that I did not need. Another issue that took place with Dell is when I got my first virus on my computer. When I ordered my computer Dell asked me if I wanted to purchase their virus software, I said no. Last Feb. 2009, after having my computer for 5 years I got a virus, never having one before. I called Dell to have it removed and paid $239.00 to give Dell control over my computer to remove the virus. After paying this amount I was also under warranty for 1 year, and received a free antivirus AVG. The reps reassured me that my computer was protected. EXACTLY ONE YEAR TO THE DAY 02/2010, I got another virus on my computer, and I don't believe this to be a conincidence. I think Dell infected my computer. I called Dell and they wanted me to pay another $239.00 to have the virus removed. I gave them my credit card information and proceeded to have the virus removed. The rep that was working with me seemed inexperienced; and frustrated me during the process, so I asked to speak with a Supervisor to cancel the order. They literally begged me to let them fix my computer ... but I was persistant about my refund. Once I canceled the order the Supervisor stated that it would take 3 - 5 business days for the charges to be reversed. I waited and waited ... no refund. I called Dell on 02/12/10, 02/19/10 and 02/28/10. I finally got my refund on 03/01/10. Dell is one of the largest computer corps. in the world. They have access to all consumer info. I believe that Dell sent another virus to my computer knowing that it was not fully protected, in an effort to get more money. In the near future a consumer will be filing a class action lawsuit against Dell, and I will make it my business to be a part of it.


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