Brown Automotive - Ripoff

Posted on Tuesday, March 30th, 2010 at 11:18am CDT by 02cf7030

Product: tires and wheels for Toyota Tacoma

Company: Brown Automotive

Location: 1357 Richmond Road
Charlottesville, va, 22911, US


Category: Other

A total ripoff. They charged me for two wheels and tires what an independent shop (Bob's Wheel Alignment) using Tirerack, an internet supplier, would charge for four wheels and four tires of better quality than Toyota's offer. So in other words, Brown charged me double what an independent shop would charge me. Brown Toyota will never see me again except for the coming recall.

Oh, and when I got the bill, I asked them to take back the wheels and tires. They said they would but would charge me a restocking charge of $250 because they were "used" even though the truck hadn't been driven. These people are unbelievably unscrupulous.

I've heard from others that they charge $85 for an oil change; Jiffy Lube charges $30.

My advice is to avoid them.


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