Dish Network / Echostar - Billed for them replacing their own defective equipment?

Posted on Tuesday, March 30th, 2010 at 4:18pm CDT by db4ab412

Product: HD DVR

Company: Dish Network / Echostar

Location: 9601 S Meridian Blvd
Englewood, CO, 80112, US


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On March 2, I wrote a complaint letter to Dish Network regarding not getting assistance with a HD DVR that continues to have recording errors. After two weeks with no reply, I was faced with having to call or write again or to just give up. I chose to give up and decided that I would keep an eye out for the next promotional offer from Direct TV.

On March 22, I arrived home to find that UPS had delivered a replacement DVR. I would have refused it if a signature had been required, but I was not given that option. Today I looked on-line to get the phone number to call and noticed my balance due was higher than normal. When I pulled it up, I saw that I had been billed a $15 delivery charge.

I called customer service and spoke with Jessica (ID: FSS). I explained to Jessica that no one had ever replied to my letter and that I did not want the replacement DVR now. Additionally, I told her I never would have agreed to having the DVR sent if anyone had replied and advised me that there would be a $15 charge to replace YOUR defective equipment.

Long story short is that Jessica told me "too bad." It did not matter to her that I was never advised about the DVR shipping fee. When I told her that I was considering canceling my service, she said okay but that there would be additional charges to send the equipment back. I was incredulous and asked her if she seriously would let me cancel and walk away over a $15 charge and she said yes.

So, Jessica wins. Having been with Dish Network for seven years at this house and four years at my previous residences, I am unhappy to realize that I have little value to Dish Network. What I find exceptionally annoying is that I have been paying over $120 a month only to be told "too bad" when I call for help and assistance.

I am going to just roll over on this one and accept that it is just too much trouble and time for Dish employees to treat me as if my business is appreciated. Jessica did a really good job of letting me know that it is not.

I will be calling to arrange cancellation and will pay to have the equipment returned, but it will be the last dollar Dish ever gets from me. And, I will be publishing this letter to every consumer advocacy website that I can find, as well as copying every Dish executive. Please note to NOT cancel my service based on this letter. I will cancel in my own time once I have arranged for Direct TV to install my new service with them.

It is wonderful that Dish is on a roll and that the company no longer needs the folks like me on which the business was built. The company stock is back in the $20 range and things are great for Dish. I hope someone catches on quick that it will not remain so if your highest paying customers are allowed to walk away over a $15 charge.


008a25c3, 2010-12-23, 02:43PM CST

Hello, this is Mike LeMar with DISH Network customer service. I just wanted to follow up with you as whether or not you had gotten this issue resolved.

Not all of our customers ship our equipment back to us, so we don't feel that it's fair to increase everyone's bill to cover the shipping cost that only some people will use. By having the $6 monthly Service Plan on your account, DISH Network will cover the cost of shipping the equipment both ways.

Hope that helps!

e5f1c98f, 2011-02-13, 01:46PM CST

I understand your frustration. When you have equipment leased through us it is still under warranty and we cover the cost to replace the equipment if needed. If a technician is required to make a home visit there is a charge for that but we will not charge you any additional fees to replace the equipment if needed. If you need a replacement receiver sent to you we do not charge for the replacement equipment if you have the service plan. Because we understand it may be difficult for customers we do offer a service plan to help with this cost. Our service plan is like no other company out there. We have taken the needs of our customers and created a resolution for them through our service plan. Our service plan is available at any time even if you already have an existing issue. Our goal is to provide customers satisfaction.

Alicia Brink

DISH Network

[email protected]

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