- Impossible cancellation of a Registered Guest account

Posted on Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010 at 3:54pm CST by d584b398



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After several failed attempts to unsubscribe from all of newsletters and emails, I complained to the Custeomer Service, asking them for help and asking contextually to cancel my account from all of their databases.

They answered me telling me that:

1) that I was placed in their "Do Not Contact List", which should mean that I shouldn't receive any new email from them

2) Surprisingly, they told me that for "Registered Guest accounts (...) there is not an established method to cancel these accounts. When you have concluded using your Registered Guest account, simply discontinue your use".

My complaints refer to:

A) I do still receive emails from them. Date of my complaint to 02/16/2010, Date of their answer: 02/18/2010, date of the last Newsletter I received from them 03/02/2010 - which means AFTER being included in the "do not contact list".

B) I want to be cancelled from whatever database. I cannot believe that I am not able to cancel my profile, even if this is a free "Registered Guest Account". This shouldn't be possible in any Privacy policy.

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bae8a349, 2010-10-12, 06:01PM CDT

I Have the same exact problem and have no idea what to do. My concern is will they bill me at all for any reason?

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