Home Shopping Network - BACK STABBED BY HSN.COM

Posted on Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010 at 8:27pm CST by 6362f1a7


Company: Home Shopping Network

Location: P.O. BOX 9090

URL: http://www.HSN.COM/

Category: Online Shopping

I was back stabbed by HSN.COM and have made my first and Last purchase from this underhanded company. I purchased a Laptop back in April of 2009 . After the first 2 flex-payments were made I had 80% cut from my pay. I called and basically begged them to take the laptop back because I could no longer afford to make the last 2 payments. They would not take it back and set up a one month deferral. I was told that if things did not change to call back before the next payment was due and they would work something out. There way of working something out was to tell me that there was nothing they could do and if I could not make the payments it would be put in collections. They did tell me that being put in collections would not affect my credit and after that happens the collections department would work with me to get my LAPTOP PAID OFF by giving me a payment plan I could handle. I called a couple of days late with a solution where I could pay 75 dollars for the next four months and that would pay the Laptop off. Flex-pay told me that they did not accept partial payments and if I wanted to do that they would move me to check pay. They told me that the payments would not be credited to my account until they received the first 2 and at that time 150 would be put towards my balance. They also told me that they would hold the first payment until a second payment was made. The next month just before I was set to send in a second payment I checked my account online and noticed that HSN had run the first payment thru causing a overdraft and another 37 dolars being charged to my account. When I called and confronted them I got a response of"What did you expect us to do hold the check", I told her at that because of the overdraft it would probably be another month before I could send another payment. The next Month Sept 11 2008 to be exact they debited 2 payments of 149.97 from my account. In other words 75 dollars more then I owed. I immediately cntacetd my banking center and disputed the unauthorized charges. The charges were credited back on Sept 17th. The next day I contacted HSN and tried once again to make payments and get LAPTOP PAID OFF AND I received a email back telling me I was paid in Full. I called and got the same response. I figured the only way to get any response and acknowledgement from HSN would be when they realized that I really did owe them 1 and a half more payments. I heard nothing and on Dec 29th 2008 I was once again checking my banking account online and once again 2 payments of 149.97 had been debited from my account. The debits caused not only me to be overdrawn but the 2 bills I had paid about 5 days before were created 3 overdrafts and a fee of 111 dollars. I also watched in vein as my account was charged another 160 dollars in overdrafts and 5/3rd was nice enough to charge me 8 dollars knowing there was no way I was making enough to catch up the money that was stolen by HSN. I have contacted several attorneys who I am in know way BLE TO RETAIN THERE SERVICES IN THIS MATTER. If anyone wants to know just how rude the people are at HSN THEY SHOULD HAVE HEARD A CONVERSATION between myself and the disputes department at 5/3rd bank. The women I was talking to wished me Luck and told me that they were extremely rude at HSN as she had contacted them to find out why they helped themselves to my money. When a Bank acknowledges a company as rude, Nough Said!!!!!!


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