Alternative Moving Services - When Something is Broke - FIX IT

Posted on Saturday, March 27th, 2010 at 4:34pm CDT by 0154c044

Product: Moving Services

Company: Alternative Moving Services

Location: Atlanta, GA, US


Category: Other

Eric / Derek was hired as a moving service. My move date was 3/18/10. While moving, he and his 2 men broke a picture that holds great sentimental value. He apologized to great length and said that he would take it to have it repaired and have new glass input. He said it would be delivered to my door the following business day. I called him on 3/24/10 and inquired as to the picture. He said that he had been busy and that it would be returned by 3/25/10. It is now 3/27/10 and I still have no picture. He has not returned my phone calls since I last spoke with him, nor has he provided me with any information. I need to recover my picture ASAP. Any help with this effort would be greatly appreciated.


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