Waldron electic and heating - Waldron electic and heating experiance

Posted on Saturday, March 27th, 2010 at 11:00pm CDT by ca7a097b

Company: Waldron electic and heating

Location: Pittsburgh, PA, US

Category: Other

This was simply what i experianced with waldron heating and electric, Make your own opinions as i was advised i would be sued if i complained by the company. I called to have my mothers furnace serviced, they said it would be $95 to come out. When they showed up(two hours late) they secured payment for $89 right away. then told my mother it would be $495 to tell what the problem was plus labor and parts to fix it. Per my instructions i told my mother to have the tech leave. when i called the company i had to leave a message. the rep called back 15-20 min later and explained that the $495 fee to tell what the problem was seemed like a rip off. The rep advised that this was a normal diagnostic fee and i agreed to it when i called for service. he also advised if i filed a complaint with the BBB or any online review i would be sued in civil court per the document my mother signed. After i hung up with the rep i called the company's main number. It routed to the same guy. He answered the phone "Sup". I said hello in confusion. He said "You got something to say?", no need to continue. I called another local company, they were there in 20 min and fixed the furnace for $280.


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