Very Bad service and product In Middle east

Posted on Saturday, March 27th, 2010 at 6:10pm CDT by 6298b229

Product: p900

Company: Not Available

Location: doha, QA

Category: Other


I had bought a Sony erricsson Mobile recently as i liked its features and quality, I had a no display light in my mobile and when I took it to the service centre they said they have to look in it and told me to come next day when I had gone that day they told me the display is faulty and changed it but it did not work I told them its not the display as I could see all the icons on the display in the dark and sometimes my display work intermittently, so later they said they will check and told me to come next week and when I had gone there they said the problem is in motherboard and the motherboard cost me 95% of the new mobile, I had contacted to the Sony erricsson company and told about this matter I also had warranty but the service centre said it was tampered by me so there is no warranty for this but honestly i had not done anything, and more over its not sensible to buy the motherboard just for the sake of a no light in display and all the function is working fine, its better by a second hand mob and replace the mother board or else can use the same which is half of the cost of a new one, and thing i like to say is that its the problem of the company where this is designed in that way and we have to bear for this minor problem which is cased in the motherboard, is this is the case then problems like volume keypad mic etc lies in the motherboard that means we have to beard the cost of a new one??? does this make a sense, more over the costumer care are so rude that they charge for even for observation even its not repaired, since this product is so expensive then nokia the accessories like charger, memory card blue tooth, headphones etc are also expensive then other mobiles, I can see this that the service centre and the Sony erricsson company are linked and cheat the costumer and of course all the Sony erricsson users get together and file a legal case regarding this who have burnt hands buying this stuff


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