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Here is how I believe Impact Computers works. I order a carefully researched specific part that I need based on model number etc. They send me a different part that is useless . (Bait and Switch) I call them. Customer Service (who are rude) lie to me and tell me they will send the correct part, & instruct me to return wrong part in the expensive UPS Express mail bag. I promptly return part, expecting the correct part to be promptly sent as promised. Impact Computers receives the part back, ... now that they have a delivery documented, and a part returned, they email me and say it is my fault because they sent the part I ordered and it is not defective (NOT!!! ) AND they are going to charge me a huge restocking fee $19.95 on my $53 purchase plus $10 return expense. They now have my money, the part I returned at my expense, and a delivery confirmation. They tell me to wait 15 business days for my refund. When I complain about any of this, they point to their policies posted online which support their dishonest practices. I wait the three weeks (15 business days ) for my refund that has not come. In my opinion, Impact computers are scam artists who are making a living cheating and stealing from customers. Do your homework before ordering anything from this company!!! Google "Impact Computers complaints" and see what comes up!!!! Judging from the number of similar complaints that I read, they have been doing this bait and switch scam for a long time (years), charging you huge restock fees and shipping expenses that are never refunded for their mistakes. (Not really mistakes because they send you wrong part on purpose?) They post lies and more excuses (policy) to respond to complaints. If you are a victim of this company contact the Florida Attorney General and you can file an online complaint or request a form to send in.

File a complaint with The Federal Trade Commission. To file a

complaint, visit or call toll-free,

1-877-FTC-HELP (382-4357); TTY: 1-


Today is March 28, that is 23 days since they received my return and still NO REFUND. See email paste below dated March 5th.

"Your return on order number 375953 has been processed."

"We will credit your PayPal Card according to terms and conditions of our site."

"Allow up to 15 business days for all refunds to be processed"


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