Governor Jan Brewer - Governor Jan Brewer's Office ignores corruption (and/or incompetence) in State Agency

Posted on Saturday, March 27th, 2010 at 10:43pm CDT by d56baf3d

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After encountering corruption (and/or incompetence) with the Arizona Medical Board, I requested assistance from Gov. Jan Brewer's office. I requested to speak with the governor, whose office, I believe, overseas the Medical Board (her name is on the Board's letterhead).

I was told I needed to make an appointment to talk with the governor. Ended up having to explain the concerns to a staff member. Was asked to send in information (which was so extensive, I feared no one would take the time to read or comprehend it). But I sent it.

I was put on delay for a short while, indicating she was busy working on the budget. Understood.

I followed up a few times, and eventually, received a cold email which stated that they would not be talking with me because they discussed it with the Medical Board.

I'm sorry, when does the victim and/or witness get left out of the equation?

If someone robbed a bank, would the police speak only to the suspect and not to the victim and/or witness? Or would the police drop the issue once the robber / suspect said -- hey no, I was not breaking the law.

Brewer's staff (guard gate folks) didn't even bother to talk with me, and is thus allowing corruption (and/or negligence) on the Arizona Medical Board to continue.

How nice it would have been if she exposed the corruption (and/or negligence) on the Medical Board, or AT LEAST took the time to listen to the victim. But, those who exercise little power trips against innocent citizens keep the right thing from happening.

I've seen some decent action by Brewer -- it's too bad her staff is so incompetent, and is perhaps in bed with the corrupt select few on the Arizona Medical Board.


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