Talecris Plasma

Posted on Friday, March 26th, 2010 at 3:09pm CDT by 3f5e65b6

Product: Blood Donation

Company: Talecris Plasma

Location: 2530 West North Avenue
Milwaukee, Wi, 53206, US

URL: http://talecrisplasma.com/

Category: Other

I read a ad posted in my local paper abOut the company Talecris, they offer $50.00 for blood donations.

I went to their web site and throughly read the requirements and how long it would take.The site states 21/2 hours for donations.

I also seemed able to donate according to all the guidelines listed on their site.

I ended up sitting 12 hours in this clinic, and then told I could not donate due to a prescription medication that I took.

I asked why they did not clearly tell the truth regarding how long it takes and who can or cant donate.

She replied people would not donate and lie about their health other wise. So Talecris basicaly feels its ok to lie to the potential donor and waste their time to get a possible donation.

The clinic was filthy and the staff treated the patients like absolute trash.

They have no respect for you or your time.

Do not waste your time going in to this place.

I was so disgusted with the garbage strewn every where, the way the Manager spoke to me and the lack of regard they had for me and my time or well being.

Its a shame places like this behave the way they do. I now understand why Medical Facilities need donations badly.When people experience this kind of unsanitary and dispicble treatment, who would ever consider donating again?

I know I will never donate again after this experience.

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1e733ae2, 2011-09-17, 06:03AM CDT

Some of the people working at Talecris seem to think they are better than you for whatever reason. Sometimes I think they act this way because they know that some of the people that donate are

probably homeless or so they look, but

that doen't give you an excuse to act like a bitch.I will not donate again until they send me one of those we miss you cards for $50,until then that place and all the fat girls that work there can suck a you know what!If you need my blood to save the lives of people I don't know nor give a shit about, you will have to fork over more money to me to make it worth my while. I wish I could get the other donars to follow me so maybe they will run out of plasma....then they will have to pay more for less and maybe kiss a little ass to boot.

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