Posted on Friday, March 26th, 2010 at 11:40am CDT by 518d3175

Product: SOFA model from Ashley Furniture

Company: Rana Furniture

Location: 7979 Pines Blvd
Pembroke Pines, FL, 33024, US

URL: http://www.ranafurniture.com/

Category: Other

I just spent close to $3,000 on the spot and my furniture is damaged. When I called to complain while the delivery men were still bringing in other furniture. Rana Furniture told me to return the furniture or I had to pay $50.00 for an "inspection fee" to have some one come out and look at the tears and see if it was repairable. The driver and helpers were here, they could have told them that my leather sofa had 3 tears in it. Rana Furniture refused to hear thier own employees comments on my sofa and told me to return the sofa's and wait another week to get a new sofa delivered to me. Honestly I should have just paid an extra $200. to Ashley furniture instead of dealing with Rana.

I am very unhappy with the level of cusomer service that they have provided. Never did they mention when i was handing over the money that if the items came in damaged I would have to pay an "inspector" $50.00 just to see if it was repairable. If i didnt have out of town guest coming in to stay with me (hence the purchase of the sofa's) then I would have no problem returning the sofa's. Seriously they couldnt even promise that it would be re-delivered in a week. I think if a customer spends that much money in one day during this economy they should be nice enough to waive the $50.00 fee. The best and the worst form of advertising is word of mouth and you see with me I never stay quiet. I am posting this in every possible complaint website there is. My next stop is BBB.

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31d6bbeb, 2010-04-30, 06:44PM CDT

You save $200 is better paid $50 for inspection fee and save $150. I already bought in Rana a sofa set and my sales rep told if one piece come damage you must return with same truck driver because delivery service is a different company (no Rana employees). After that you need to paid a fee. I recommend this furniture store.

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