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Posted on Friday, March 26th, 2010 at 1:50am CDT by Thomas S.

Company: Star Sounds Productions

Location: 4093 Concord Blvd
Concord, Ca, 94518, US


Category: Other

Avoid Owner Steven R Leflar and cohort Eric Lee Symons have stolen money from over 50 musicians in the bay area in the last 6 months. Consumer alert !

They have conned many people. Here is just one example.

Summary of my 2009 unresolved payment due from Steve Leflar

On January 9, 2009 I received a phone call from Eric Symons of North Bay Entertainment (NBE hereafter) to hire my band, Hot House for an event at Korbel Champagne, Guerenville, Ca. on July 11, 2009. On January 10 I received an email and contract from Crystal McLaughlin of NBE confirming all details. I mailed a signed copy of this contract to NBE, 4093 Concord Blvd., Concord, Ca. 94519-1514. We were to be paid $2000 for our performance. The contract was signed by Steve Leflar, owner of NBE and Star Sounds Productions, also at 4093 Concord Blvd., Concord, Ca.

On July 11 Hot House performed at the wine club Speakeasy/Grapevine Swing event at Korbel. All went well with no problems of any kind.

On July 13 in accordance with the contract I emailed a summary of the completed event to [email protected]

After a few weeks I began to inquire about payment. Mr. Symons would always promise I would be paid, as late as October. Ms. McLaughlin claimed she no longer worked for NBE. Mr. Leflar claimed not to own NBE and tried to blame the debt on NBE????????s previous owner Thomas Schoenberger. I contacted Mr. Schoenberger and he assured me NBE????????s ownership was held by Mr. Leflar. I also contacted Julie Williams, Korbel????????s Hopsitality Director. She mailed me photocopies of her contract ???????? with Mr. Leflar????????s signature - and both of Korbel????????s deposit and balance checks for the event, all of which had been mailed to NBE/Steve Leflar, 4093 Concord Blvd., Concord, Ca.

As of this writing I remain unpaid by Steve Leflar.

Bill DeKuiper

Hot House

415 454-3031

[email protected]

March 24


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3542e520, 2010-03-28, 09:19AM CDT

This is for North Bay Entertainment and not Star Sounds Productions. Thomas Schoenberger is the owner. He owes us thousands. See the kind of pathalogical liar at

f5942a69, 2010-04-16, 10:22AM CDT

Here's more proof of Thomas Schoenberger ripping off artists ... 50456e22fb.html

Thomas S., 2010-04-20, 04:35PM CDT

No. Its clear that Steven Leflar lied to Bill Dikiper and thats what the e mail says.

Star Sounds Productions is now being investigated by the state I hear.

3542e520, 2010-05-07, 07:38PM CDT

From: Thomas Schoenberger <[email protected]>

To: Crystal McLaughlin <[email protected]>

Sent: Tuesday, January 20, 2009 9:44:11 AM

Subject: Re: Updated information

The AEC stuff from 4 08 was paid long ago. So you can take those out.

I have made plans to pay David martin his three thousand since I received the check for this..

My immediate efforts are to raise an infusion from my art sources in the first week of Feb to guide

the company into better waters..

All 12 days of Christmas performers have been paid in full and Steve has the check stubs...

I am concerned about Guy Gash, but know Steve has dumped some money into his account weeks


My wife's two gigs are unpaid, but i plan on just using that credit to take care of the cell phone bills

we accrued..

Thomas Schoenberger

[email protected]

On Jan 20, 2009, at 9:34 AM, Crystal McLaughlin wrote:

Good Morning ~

Please let me know if any of these performers have in fact been paid.

Please note we have been Paid in full by all of the clients for all of the events...

2008 Performers owed

From: Crystal McLaughlin ([email protected])

Sent: Tue 1/20/09 9:45 AM

To: [email protected]

Lawrence Strings 09/27/2008 1,000.00

Lawrence Strings 10/03/2008 1,200.00

Lawrence Strings 10/04/2008 800.00

Lawrence Strings 10/04/2008 600.00

Lawrence Strings 10/04/2008 950.00

Faranak 10/04/2008 300.00

Eric Symons 10/11/2008 300.00

Lawrence Strings 10/18/2008 950.00

2009 performers owed

City Lights Band 01/03/2009 $3,500.00

Jeanette Isenberg 01/12/2009 $350.00

Eric's 2008 Commissions

Eric Symons 10/19/2008 1,400.00

Guy Gash 10/20/2008 800.00

Dan Goldfus 10/22/2008 600.00

Eric Symons 10/24/2008 1,400.00

Lawrence Strings 10/24/2008 700.00

Brian Cline Trio 10/24/2008 1,133.00

Guy Gash 10/25/2008 1,400.00

Eric Symons 10/25/2008 1,200.00

Eric Symons 10/27/2008 500.00

Eric Symons 10/29/2008 1,400.00

Lawrence Strings 10/30/2008 1,275.00

Angela Takeishi 10/30/2008 756.25

Lawrence String 11/01/2008 950.00

Angela Takeishi 11/01/2008 285.00

Faranak 11/01/2008 300.00

Christos 11/02/2008 180.00

Jay Alexander 11/03/2008 1,300.00

AEC 11/08/2008 4,550.00

Lawrence Strings 11/08/2008 950.00

Cynthia Schultz 11/08/2008 350.00

Country All Stars 11/08/2008 337.50

Eric Symons 11/15/2008 400.00

Lawrence Strings 12/06/2008 950.00

Ellen Shea 12/11/2008 515.00

David Martin 12/11/2008 3,000.00

Angela Takeishi 12/11/2008 550.00

City Lights 12/13/2008 1,200.00

Ellen & Tom Shea 12/13/2008 435.00

Michael Halem 12/13/2008 2,800.00

Angela Takeishi 12/19/2008 400.00

Angela Takeishi 12/20/2008 300.00

Larry Lynch 12/31/2008 4,400.00

Eric Symons Jan 2008 50.00

Eric Symons Feb 2008 220.00

Eric Symons Mar 2008 465.00

Eric Symons April 2008 634.00

Eric Symons May 2008 1,039.50

Eric Symons June 2008 1,378.00

Eric Symons July 2008 907.50

Eric Symons Aug 2008 820.00

Eric Symons Sept 2008 942.50

Eric Symons Oct 2008 837.50


Jay Alexander December 2007 $2,500.00

Also we have $32,150.00 in 2009 deposits that have been received and spent.

These numbers do not include the money owed to Star Sounds for Payroll,

and other expenses.

Thanks again,

Crystal McLaughlin

North Bay Entertainment

4093 Concord Blvd.

Concord, CA 94519-1514

Office (707) 224 - 0241

Cell (707) 363 - 2658

Fax (707) 307 - 7070

[email protected]

From: Kevin [mailto:[email protected]]

Sent: Wednesday, December 05, 2007 9:31 AM

To: [email protected]

Subject: Finances

Hi Thomas

I hope all is well. I want to respond to you directly and not through Eric as this is none of his business. As I

understand, he is no longer Managing Director.

I would like to clear up the books by the end of the year. I know that you are waiting for me to send a check

for the commissions and I have it ready. I want to remind you that the reason I was writing contracts and

paying commissions in the first place is that I could no longer afford to carry balances. Especially this year,

because of the shortage of gigs, we do not have the $$$ cushion to wait for money. I would basically have

to borrow money if not paid which will cost us financially.

As you know, I have been more than generous in the past about debt letting it run into the $20,000+ when I

could let it ride.

I dont think it is unreasonable to want payment within 7 days. All of the other agencies we work for pay

before or within a couple of days of the event. I have to have payment to the players within 7 days at the

most or no one will want to work for us. Any of our players reporting to other competitors about slow

payment would ruin our reputation for years to come. I know that you disagree, but if musicians are paid

timely they never forget.

I would like to send my check for the commissions next week and receive the $$$ from all events through

December 8, 2007 by December 15, 2007. I know there is at least one Phantom show booked but I have not

received the retainer (as agreed) on that (those) yet. We should clear that up by the end of the year also.

Thanks for understanding about the finances.


Re: Performers to pay

From: Thomas Schoenberger ([email protected])

Sent: Mon 7107108 1 :45 PM

To: Star Sounds Productions ([email protected])

Yikes.. Well, NBE has seen worse..

The only thing to do is to plug through

The casino sold today ...

I am working on several nice events ....

Thomas Schoenberger

Managing Partner

North Bay Entertainment

Phone 707-363-3968

Fax 707-307-7070

OFFICE 707-224-0241

[email protected]

On Jul 7, 2008, at 1:42 PM, Star Sounds Productions wrote:

Hello Thomas,

Here's an update as to our financial situation.

Below is the list of artists we owe through July 6th

Owed to artists: $29325.00

Bank Account:$11000.00


Money Owed To Us Thru June:$17662.50

Starting Debt as of 2-1-08 <$101882.75> BEFORE PARTNERSHIP

P&L as of 7/1/08 $8116.25 Balance Debt <$93766.50>

Year End as of Today Debt: <$105195.25>

Eric's Commissions To Date: $6003.50

GRAND TOTAL: <$111198.75> (Year End To Date)


. ... pids=47c44ebf-e... 9/4/2009

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From: Thomas Schoenberger ([email protected])

Sent: Tue 1/20/09 8:49 AM

To: Star Sounds Productions ([email protected])


Hope all is well. I am headed to Palm Beach the first week of Feb to raise cash to better the situation .With so many falling apart, and with our personal short crisis that blew over. I am confident that I will do well at my meeting.

Lets get together beforehand, when you are back from Philly.

Things may look bleak now, but we have always survived, and we just have to hang tough.

The artists can all be addressed and in the end, it will work out.

We can take meetings with whoever needs it, and we can meet what we need to head on,unflinching..together..

Lets make this investment work.

In the end, the artists make lots of noise, but its up to us to not act like they do ...

We will succeed brother .....

Looks like I will be hanging out with some heavies ...... and I am ready for it...


Thomas Schoenberger

The Numbers...

From: Crystal McLaughlin ([email protected])

Sent: Man 12/31/07 1:27 PM

To:Eric Symons ([email protected])

Cc:Eric's Email ([email protected]); [email protected]


2008_contracts.xls (36.8 KB)

Hey guys ~

Just an FYI.. ..

For December we still owe performers $21,450.

We only have $9,350 more to collect from clients for December events.

A differences of-$12,100 NBE needs to come up with to cover our performers debts.

2008 deposits ...

We have $llO,920.00 in sales so far.

We have collected -$41,500 in deposits already.

Also please note attachments I have updated the excel file for 2008 contracts

Hey you

From: Crystal McLaughlin ([email protected])


Wed 1/14/09 1:12 PM


[email protected]


,'.~~ 'J;.:CiJr;cr

To answer Thomas why we can't pay our bills. xis (22.5 KB)

HeyHon ~

I've been looking over the excel sheet for 2008 to figure out why we are so behind in payments and I've come up with some numbers for Thomas.

I show that since you changed the Bank Account from Umpqua to Wells Fargo NBE had to come up with $43,122.50 to pay performers. Without money to back it up because:

I also show that $64,560.75 was put into the Umpqua account and none of it was paid out. It was gobbled up into the black hole that is Thomas NBE.

Please check out the Excel sheet that I've attached. Does it make since???? Give me a call with any questions.

Crystal McLaughlin

North Bay Entertainment

4093 Concord Blvd. Concord, CA 94519-1514

Office (707) 224 -0241

Cell (707) 363 -2658

Fax (707) 307 -7070

[email protected]

(No Subject)

From: Thomas Schoenberger ([email protected])

Sent: Mon 12/22/08 9:46 AM

To: Eric Symons ([email protected])

Cc: Star Sounds Productions ([email protected])

Hey guys...Update for everyone.

Getting through some brutal times. But we will all pull through

Eric, my apologies for thinking the e-mail stuff was your son's fault.

It looks like it could be a mac problem.

I have been in a very poor mood because of dealing with so many forces at once. But I remain confident that

there will be better days ahead

The stresses of low money, debt and soft business can harden anyone.

But the good news here is that musicians have been paid some money before Christmas and the both Star

Sounds and NBE is going into wedding booking season now.

I see lost of misery at the wineries and resorts, with everyone blaming everyone else.

The way forward for all of us is to grab the bull by the horns and lead together.

Let everyone else fall apart as we chose to lead by example.

Steve, you have done an extraordinary job creating winning systems for NBE that the agency needed. Star

Sounds is going to be in the winners seat for 2009 and I plan to do everything I can to help you. Between us

and Eric, NBE can be shored up. If you need any help on the studio side of things, I am here for you as I am

sure Eric is.

Eric, you have dealt with and been strengthened by stress.

I am doing my best to keep the musicians cool and ready to work.

Nobody likes recessions. They are tough and break spirit

But I know NBE pretty well and can tell you that deposit season is coming shortly and we must all keep our

heads as everyone around us falters.

When weddings book, deposits come in.

That should take off much pressure.

As far as Crystal, she has had her own rough patch in 2009. Lets cut everyone some slack and gear up to be

the best brokers we can be.


Thomas Schoenberger

[email protected]

From: Thomas Schoenberger

Date: Wed, 10 Dec 2008 07:25:18 -0800

To: Star Sounds Productions<[email protected]>

Subject: Re: Reminder

OK. I see Mike Halem today. We have till Friday for payroll, and let us hope that monies come in.

Eric is handling Guy Gash soup to nuts

I suspect that he told Gig that I was day to day manager of NBE, but when I asked him, he as

usual denied it...

I set Gig straight and told him you and I own many businesses and NBE is just one of them

We can set up terms with him and he will be ok.

Gig is someone I trust

Are we expecting monies this week?

Thomas Schoenberger

[email protected]

(No Subject)

From: Thomas Schoenberger ([email protected])

Sent: Fri 12/12/08 1:46 PM

To: Star Sounds Productions ([email protected])

Here is how dumb Eric is. We decide to play the roles. I will be former owner, you will stay silent and Eric will

play leading man

Instead, he tells Guy that

1) He does not know when, if ever, he will get paid

2) The company is not owned by Thomas, but he is responsible

3) He is owed money too and is really scared

4) That either Thomas or Steve are the people he should talk to

He blew it big-time. When guy asked me who owns the company, I told him a corporation. I think he will

check Napa and will find nothing

Notice how I did not mention your name? Thats called strategy. Guy should be looking at Eric hard about


The trick here is to give him no info....The problem with Eric is that he is looking out for number one...

Also, he obviously did the same s**t to Angela and hung you out to dry...

Steve, Eric needs to pay for this s**t man.. He is not doing right, he is not engaging in successful tactics and he

is playing victim..

If I could have come in with my role, I could have fixed this s**t. Notice how I do not mention you at all, not

your name, not your address, nothing...?

That is on purpose. Two people need to survive this bud... Me and you....

Eric hangs me out to dry all the time. He hung you out too, so as far as I am concerned. Guy Gash will not

have the common sense or will to sue....

Angela will have to choose to work something Kevin will...

Eric stabbed us both in the lets both be careful what we say to him....

Steve, he is such a putz....I f***ing pay him his measly 800 bucks a month, ask him to handle 1/10th of what I

handle, and the guy blows it....

From: [email protected]

Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2008 12:51:23 -0500

To: <[email protected]>

Subject: RE:

That is fine with me! Have a fabulous month Thomas! ;-)

Sara Rau

Bankruptcy Specialist II

Wells Fargo Bank

Diversified Products Group

Business Direct Division Loss Control

Phone (888) 715-4315 x35008

Fax (602) 523-1536

From: Thomas Schoenberger [mailto:[email protected]]

Sent: Thursday, August 28, 2008 10:42 AM

To: Rau, Sara E.

Subject: Re:

Sara !! How are you? OK my dear.. Run $200 more...

Money is tight as you know, but I do not want to miss a payment..

We are getting lower.....


Thomas Schoenberger

Managing Partner

North Bay Entertainment

Phone 707-363-3968

Fax 707-307-7070

OFFICE 707-224-0241

[email protected]

FYI Trying to teach Crystal to see how much better it all is..

From: [email protected]

Sent: Mon 12/31/07 6:01 PM

To: [email protected]

Crystal, since 2000, when I got sick, there has not been a year that we were under 100k in forward debt Even last year, we had 20k in legal fees alone, never mind IRS bills above 10k, consumer debt of 63,000, higher

overhead ( office) and legal troubles.

To have a 50k deficit after having a 376k hole in 2001 is wonderful frankly speaking.

It is my liability , since the business is not incorporated. Going forward, the key is to gain market share while we are in

a growth recession. This is being achieved by bring Steve Leflar on board and defining our AR/AP mechanisms, growth sales and strategies.

I have spoken to Barry and he can wait. I see him for lunch on Wednesday. As far as debts, you forgot to add the 11k still owed me personally that I loaned to the agency.

I have the transfer info from 101007634 to 4099 that we will give to Dan Moore with our tax info.

Even with a much slower economy, we have cut sunk costs, improved efficiency and are now targeting new accounts with a vengeance. We will next work on getting everyones hours tuned up so our clients can expect a predictable call back/ contract generation ratio

I would say that we are basically recovered.For a business our size, our debt is manageable.

Happy New Year


-----Original Message-----

From: Crystal McLaughlin <[email protected]>

To: Thomas Schoenberger <[email protected]>

Cc: [email protected]

Sent: Mon, 31 Dec 2007 1:51 pm

Subject: Re: Updates

We have $4512.50 in retainer payments due to us for 2008 (I have sent emails to all of these people & most of the clients are out on vacation until January 2nd)

Also as far as other collections....

Meadowood still Owes $3100 (I have sent updated Invoices to Lori)

Corinthian Yacht club $2500 (Eric is collecting the checks tonight)

Ubuntu Restaurant has sent out the check for $1150 we should have it in our hands today. Reply

Rating: 0 truth - 5 Apr 2010From: Thomas Schoenberger ([email protected])

Sent Thu 3/12/096:55 AM

To: Star Sounds Productions ([email protected])

Good thoughts all. Lets re-new in Napa and set it u as partnership. We also have to set up a forgiveness of debt

paper for the second half I never got from you. I am cool about the 55k, since the economy went south and that

ain't your fault. We can roll that amount into the figures.

As far as his debt, we get him booked and apply x amount of every gig towards it. Maybe we meet with him next

week. We can also meet with MiI~e Halem together and sign that doc.

I dont have anything to say about the Loders.; I offered them a gig and got no response, so I am not motivated to

reach out again to them....

But overall, this can all be fixed ...Lets plan to go to WelisFargo, get you in as co signer, take out a license with both

names...all is good

Thomas Schoenberger

On Mar 12. 2009. at 3:11 AM. Star Sounds Productions wrote:

Hi Thomas,

I'll roll the phone to your home number 707-255-3808. I'll cancel the Wells Fargo

account and use the account you already have. As far as the license, it's up at the end of

this month. Do you want to renew the license here in Concord or in Napa and set it up as a partnership?

Now Eric, we lay him off and offer him commission of 40% of std margin. Now his

debt? What do you think.


Rating: 0 Steven Leflar - 17 Mar 2010

See Thomas Schoenberger defend himself March 19, 2010 in Superior Court In Napa on Brown Street at 8:30am for ripping off an Artist.

See Thomas Schoenberger defend himself on April 5, 2010 at 1:30pm for ripping off his own agency and an artist who already won his case and Thomas Schoenberger tried to vate the judgement.Didn't show up on the date he scheduled and called in sick. The judge rescheduled and Thomas was denied the judgement stands. There will be an examination of assetts.

There are numerous artists ready to also sue Thomas in the next several weeks.

You can see the documents at

Robert M., 2013-04-25, 05:48PM CDT

Eric Symons and Steven Leflar are the criminals now operating "Simply The Best Entertainment" They have stolen over $225,000 from a variety of DJs, live bands, Music agencies and investors.

They have been found 'guilty' in Contra Costa Superior Court, but the ripped off artists remain unpaid. The George Ballard Collection Agency, of Walnut Creek, have been retained to attempt to collect this debt.

It has also come to light that Simply The Best Entertainment is using pirated music and pirated software.

Robert M., 2013-08-29, 02:04AM CDT

Simply The Best Entertainment, of Rohnert Park, California is a front for criminals Eric Symons and Steve Leflar to rip off musicians, DJ's, and other hired talent. They have multiple judgements against them.

In the past they have worked their scams in the Napa/Sonoma area and are now hitting Elk Grove and Sacramento.

Run a google search of both of these assholes, and then never consider Simply The Best Entertainment.

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