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Posted on Thursday, March 25th, 2010 at 7:41pm CDT by 2fb9ff9a

Product: from scott to finish custom cabinetry

Company: from scott to finish

Location: unit 133 13982 cambie rd
Richmond, bc, v6v 2k2, CA


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There is a company in Richmond Canada called "From Scott to Finish" This is a "Custom kitchen cabinet shop" The Owner Scott Hill is the worst owner/boss I have met in my life. I worked for him for three months, and with in the three months I worked there 9 people quit this shop is only a 5 man shop. After I left with in 3 weeks three more people left he has gone through over 40 people in 1 year alone. He threatens you that he won't pay you if you don't tell him everything and even if you do he still does not pay you because he said the company does not have enough money to make payroll. I never got paid for DAYS on my last 4 cheques from him and I had to fight him tooth and nail to get it. He will hire people on and they either quit because he is a complete asshole or he will fire you because your not "like him". Do not work for this man and if you do DO NOT SIGN ANY of his BOGUS contracts.


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f0cbfe70, 2010-09-20, 02:15PM CDT

Yes, I had similar experiences working at "From Scott to Finish". During my 4 months there 5 people quit. He has been known to make some of his more sensitive employees cry. My experience here was very stressful with 60/hr weeks, many weekends worked, and a few nights working until 10 - 11pm after starting at 7:30am.

While Scott knows a lot about cabinetry. He knows very little about running a business. He is very good at victimizing himself and offloading personal responsibility. As the previous respondent said, you have to be "like him" to work there. However, being "like him" involves being near pathological. If you need further reason not to work here, just Google his recent BC Human Rights Tribunal case where he has been accused of sexually harassing a former employee.

Save yourself the time and effort and do NOT work for this man.

2fb9ff9a, 2010-09-22, 04:20AM CDT

Yes and here is the link to that sexual harassment

8d90a8f8, 2011-02-14, 03:49PM CST

I worked for him as well. He has everything it takes to have an amazing business, a great shop, great tools, and good equipment, but he's got some personal issues he needs to work through. Another guy I worked with summed it up best as "He's an asshole."

This was my worst employement experience of my life and yet I don't hate the owner. I feel sorry for him.

3e46e594, 2011-04-16, 02:56AM CDT

I too worked for this jerk...Scott Hill. I was only there for about 3 months but that alone was enough for me to smarten up and get out of there. At first he seemed normal enough but sure enough after time the controlling side comes out. He has no trust whatsoever for his employees and is delusional in thinking he is actually a good boss.

The best was the time clock that his wife said was to just track days off etc. What a crock. She was just as bad as him....a controlling dragon lady that was always looking over your shoulder checking up on you.

In the time I was there, he went through 5 or 6 employees and all pretty much leaving on bad terms and of course according to him it was always "their fault." There was also one sexual harassment issue while I was there and according to him it was her fault...of course.

I don't see how a business like this can survive much longer. you need to respect and to trust your employees to keep them and this guy really just has no idea. He thinks as long as he pays you a decent salary, he can get you to work 60-70 hours a week.

DO NOT WORK AT FROM SCOTT TO FINISH. It's not worth it, trust me!

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