Photon Infotech

Posted on Thursday, March 25th, 2010 at 10:16pm CDT by 7495e6af

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Location: Chennai, Bangalore, TN, IN

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Photon Infotech which is spread over Bangalore and Chennai is the most exasperating organization. There are several such mismanaged shops around, but the uniqueness of this shop is arrogance. The other shops perhaps might accept their short comings. Why is it Photon appears all over the net for all the wrong reasons? There are worse companies than Photon with pathetic infrastructure and poor teams. I don't read about them on the net, but Photon is ubiquitous. I simply attribute it to their arrogance. The other companies never talk big, don't make tall claims, but are simply unprofessional. Photon on the other hand talks big, rolls the "R"s and comes out as a big bang. A slight scratch on them reveals how much of indecency that oozes from top-to-bottom. When they want to be Americanized, they must be prepared for some Americanism too.

Photon doesn't treat its employees and the clients in the right way. Most of the time information is with held from both the parties. They don't follow any procedure or process to deliver quality products.

When questioned they blame it on either parties. Projects have been pulled out from them because of the internal problems. Depending upon the source the blame is placed conveniently. If it's a favorite resource the client is blamed otherwise the resource is axed.

Employers must understand gone are the days when the boss is right syndrome was around. The current trend is to work together.

I wonder how the clients accept such low grade work with glaring UI issues. They don't accept their flaws nor do they work towards rigorous testing. They are a confused lot not knowing what do until the Boss comes out of the den.

If the CEO / CTO must have a say in every aspect of the working, what is the need for the managers. What value addition do they have to do?

The proof of the pudding lies in the comments of this page. As soon as this article was published within an hour there's an unhappy customer. This shows the animosity that Photon has created with people. The animosity is not because of sub-par work, it because of their arrogance and treatment towards matters and issues.

I have heard of companies where the UAT has been absolute failures. But such companies names do not feature on the net. There are companies where there's absolute lack of infrastructure, I don't see their names too. But why Photon?


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